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Bored Of Your Same Old Dressing Combinations? Try Out These Quirky Fashion Tips!
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Bored Of Your Same Old Dressing Combinations? Try Out These Quirky Fashion Tips!

Bored of same old dressing combinations? Love experimenting with looks? Flexible and versatile with trying new accessories?
Then go ahead and read this article, because we have it all covered for you!


As the title suggests, here I am going to discuss with you the utility, the idea and the different ways of using scarves and stoles!


Covering here the basic difference between scarves and stoles, stoles are rectangular in shape and scarves are square! Though there are a few more differences between the both but lets keep it simple and easy for now.


So now that you are aware of the basic difference, let me discuss with you the various amazing ways to use them!


1. Tired of the same old monotonous look :


If you feel that your regular style is getting boring try scarves! Wrap one around your neck and see the look changed and a new graceful new ! You can try various ways to tie your scarf around your neck! It can be a necklace, a bow or just a simple ruffle!


2. Bagging it :


You can brighten up your handbag with it! As we tend to use our most comfortable bag on a regular basis, we sometimes feel the need of a change! So here it is, don’t change the BAG! Just wrap a nice and light scarf or stole to the handle of it tying it end to end! This will not just give your bag a new look but will also bring out the stylist in you! Again here it can be used in two ways! Either a wrap on the handle or as a strap/sling to the bag. Also works great for bags whose slings have lost.


3. The headgear thing :

Hairbands and hair ties are bygones! Try the scarf headgear! Take a scarf tie it like a bow on your hairs in different ways! You can tie it either at your crown area or at the back like a hair tie! This ways you happen to ditch the old boring you to the new sassy you! This is perfect for Sunday and beaches! These style absolutes work wonders during the vacay days! And Of course you can use it as a turban also! The turban thing looks super cool and protects the hair as well! Using it as a headgear is absolutely classy and elegant.




4. Avoid the De-tan:


I am sure a lot of you use this trick to keep the sun away from the face. But in case you don’t, there is nothing to worry! You can just your scarf/stole to cover your face and avoid the Sun from getting the glow fade! For all the Scooty girls out there! IT’s A MUST!








5. You got a new Belt:


Yay! Use your thin stoles as a belt! And trust me it goes well along with denims, dresses and even jumpsuits! Just roll it a bit and tie it around like a belt and you are all set to rock the look! This can be done even over the shirts to make them look stylish and better!


6. Ditch that camera strap:

For all girls who believe common is boring! This is an amazing tip for you! Just get off that common camera strap from your camera and tie a pretty scarf instead! It will enhance the look of your camera plus you will love your camera more! Also the scarf strap would be more gentle and comfortable on the shoulder than the previous one!


7. DIY Halter top:

This is super cool if you want to use your scarf as a halter top! Its like your own personal savior on a beach day! Just use it to make a halter top and enjoy the day! This halter top looks great too.









8. Make it a shrug:


Wearing sleeveless? Need something over it? Go grab your scarf! Not every time you would want a shrug, sometimes even a scarf can rescue! Just use it as a shrug and in case you need it intact just tie a belt around and there you are all geared up for the day!


Be Stylish! Keep Shining Always!


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