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7 Vintage Fashion Trends That Are Still Rocking The Fashion World
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7 Vintage Fashion Trends That Are Still Rocking The Fashion World

Trends can never get extinct; they will find themselves back on the shelves in every couple of years- If your mum is a hoarder, dig deep into her wardrobe, and I’m sure you will find a few items that I would be talking about in this article. If not then this is the reason to go shopping because Vintage is here to stay, but in the fashion world, the stay is always temporarily.

7 Vintage fashion trends that I love and you need to get behind.


High on Waist:

If you have it, flaunt it. Even if you don’t have it, flaunt it. Jeans, shorts, skirts, trousers, bikini bottoms, everything in trend is riding on the waist #nolow.


Put on a sack:

The days of you being unable to breathe in your clothes are over. Oversized shirts, tee’s & sweatshirts paired with jeans, skirts, chunky waist-belt and chunkier jewellery, will put you on the cover of Vogue. And girls if not vogue it will surely get you noticed in Starbucks #tightisout.


It’s time for Fringe & Ruffle:

Be a 70’s Boho-Chic. Wear your Fringe proudly, beat it on a dress, crop top, jackets, bottom of your jeans, earrings, bags or dress up an outfit with some cute Fringe heels.
We have seen Ruffles and Frills decorating collars, hemlines & skirts. Ruffles need to be subtle it’s better not to go over the top. A ruffled blouse paired with a skirt or lace paired with ruffles is an excellent way to ruffle your feathers #beabird.


Feminine yet strong:

Beautiful lacy dresses, satin slip dress or what I like to call it the “lingerie dress” have made a huge comeback & what’s better is that we haven’t forgotten our Dr. Martens. Pair your floral dress with chunky boots/jacket & a choker or go with a pretty camisole paired with dirty jeans #beabooty.


Denims denim everywhere:

Think, high waist denim jeans + crop top with a denim jacket/denim shirt, denim skirt, denim overalls. Denim high waist shorts. Denim crop top with denim bootleg pants, denim jumpsuit, denim on denim? Yesss you are thinking correctly, play with denim all you want because the types of denim we love have just gotten hotter #denimoverdose.


Rock & Roll child:

Tee’s and Jackets emblazoned with rolling stone, MTV, retro cartoon characters or bands which rocked our parents’ world; wear them. Because today they have the power to transform an outfit. Pair it with anything you wish the stage is yours #letsrock.


Chunkier the better:

Yepp you got that right – ugly is in trend! All thanks to Louis Vuitton, Gianni to Sketchers and FILA. As much as we might want to hate it, it’s impossible. There is something about these larger than life sneakers which are overtaking the streets. Not just sneakers but heels, flats, and boots – it all falls under this trend #gobigorgohome.


A trend is just a trend. It’s you who will make is fashionable. Don’t be scared to experiment & if it’s not your comfort zone, don’t be afraid to #unfollow.

Written By- The Style Chatter


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