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7 Foods That We Bet Will Increase Your Sex Drive
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7 Foods That We Bet Will Increase Your Sex Drive

Sexologists around the world have argued over and over that having a maintained diet is essential to have a healthy sex life. Though it is true that having any food loaded with calorie will keep you energised and help well during the act, some foods have magic ingredients in it that takes everything to a different level. Consuming alcohol may increase the desire to have sex in you but it actually reduces your performance. So, this is one thing you should get rid off to have a blast in your sex life. Let us see which ones you should immediately add to your diet chart. Bringing you 7 foods that will increase your sex drive.


The king of the nuts plays a crucial role in sperm building in a man’s body. It increases sperm count, shape and movement of the sperm.


Strawberry can be seen almost every time a steamy scene is picturized in a movie and that has a strong medical backing. Strawberry is loaded with zinc which plays a critical role in sex drive for both men and women. Zinc in a woman’s body help her to get ready for sex quickly and when in a man’s body it stimulates sperm production and release. Men lose a lot of zinc during ejection – so load up with it and have a few strawberries before the act.


Another magic fruit which is essential to boost the sex drive. Having a piece of avocado before bed can really warm you up perfectly. The Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 in this fruit keep you energised for a longer period as well as stabilises the hormones.


Full with Arginine, this is another superfood for your sex life. Keeping the blood movement perfect during the act, it keeps your energy level intact and helps you to carry on further.


You must have seen in movies that on the first night of the couples, the man is offered a glass of milk with saffron. This might have happened to you also. This is totally scientific as saffron is a natural aphrodisiac and improves sex drive. It also boosts stamina and energy and you know why these two are needed.


Coffee is well known for its energy driving properties. Apart from it, it also has a character that strikes the right parts of your brain and arouses you. It is always a great way to kick start things with a cup of coffee. Haven’t you heard the heroine asking the hero for a cup of coffee when he comes to drop her after the dinner – well that really does have a double meaning.

Dark Chocolate:

Dark Chocolate can be the most suited gift to your loved one if you have a plan for something better. To create a lovely mood which calls for intimate sex, dark chocolate has no comparison. Scientifically, serotonin and endorphins do the tricks but these two are released by eating dark chocolate.
So, next time, you are on a dinner date – carry a bar or dark chocolate filled with Almond and Walnut chips and have a steamy cup of strong coffee in the end.

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