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8 Ice-cream Flavours That Everyone loves
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8 Ice-cream Flavours That Everyone loves

Ice cream is the reason a lot of people wait for a cheat day. There are absolutely no age restrictions on eating ice cream, every kid to grandparents thoroughly enjoy it. Due to ice cream being such a favourite dessert for so many, its creators have come up with tons of flavours starting from pan Ice cream to royal kulfis to crazy bubblegum flavours but some classics are so good that everyone enjoys a scoop. Here is a list of 8 Ice cream flavours everyone loves.

Classic Vanilla:

No matter how plain and boring Vanilla sounds it is often where every kid’s (at least from the 90s) ice cream journey began. The best part of vanilla is its property to blend well with almost everything. Faloodas, Fruit Salads, Mocktails, Gulab Jamun and you can literally add any flavour sauce to vanilla and make a new ice cream flavour. Remember the Vanilla slices with chocolate sauce at most weddings in the 90s?  


Being a seasonal fruit and available only for a particular span of time, strawberry flavoured ice cream was a great delight for every strawberry lover. The strawberry ice cream you get near strawberry farms and the one in the city vary a lot but both of them have a similar sweetness going around. It is the second most preferred flavour after vanilla, not just by parents but also by dentists (You know it if you ever had a tooth removed)  

Chocolate & Choco Chips:

What could be an alternative to having chocolate without ruining your teeth? Put it in an ice cream. Chocolate is one of the most loved flavours in the world. The variety of chocolates found are tremendous, they are so many that even if you eat one flavour every minute you would take 9 days to taste all of them. Chocolate is mixed with almost everything and yet it delights us, but what lives beyond all of it is the Plain Chocolate flavour. The one that has a diluted sweetness with an extra dose of oxytocin (happiness hormone) in your body.  

Black Ice cream:

Photo credit It started as a unique aesthetic/instagramable flavour and escalated to being eaten by everyone. It became a viral sensation among people and it didn’t die. Different recipes of black ice cream flooded the internet and were used by many ice cream producers. The one we love the most and has been widely adored is the dark chocolate and chocolate mix.  

Dry fruit loaded Kulfis:

Photo credit While it might not be a very generic flavour in the whole world. India has a special place in its heart for kulfis and dry fruits. The traditionally made malai kulfis loaded with dry fruits is a treat for everyone be it young or old. It’s also a good way to make children eat dry fruits. The softness and creamy texture mixed with crunchy dry fruits create a delightful experience.  

Cookies and Cream/ Oreo Ice cream:

Photo credit Oreo is a giant success and it mixed with milk/chocolates and ice cream makes a mouth watering desert. Around 2010, Oreo’s became widely famous in India while they were always a delight in the Western countries. It created the new cookies and cream/oreo flavoured ice cream range all over the world. Kids were crazy about it and teens couldn’t get enough of it. It’s indeed one middle ground for every family who has kids that want chocolate and elders who want Vanilla or more creamy sweet flavours.  


Photo credit It is such a widely loved drink and that flavour translating to ice cream is a pure joy. Coffee flavoured ice creams are produced at a lot of places and they never disappoint. The hard yet sweet taste of coffee with the same awakening zest makes your day.  

Green Pista/Pistachio:

Photo credit It might not sound so great but if you have never tried it, you need to right now. It is a very refreshing flavour with a balanced sweetness. It is not too sweet like kulfis or hard like chocolate/coffees. It is a beautifully crafted flavour that can make anyone happy. Few more flavours that are loved by the majority are Mint Chocolate Chips, Bubble Gum, Brownie, Belgium Chocolate, and Black Currant. If you haven’t tried any of these or some of these you need to try them all out. Make sure to comment what is your favourite flavour and if you have to eat only one flavour for an entire lifetime, what would it be?

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