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Snacks That Only The 90s Kids Will Remember!
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Snacks That Only The 90s Kids Will Remember!

Let’s take a ride down the nostalgia lane. Let’s go back to the time of our childhood which was the perfect blend of traditionalism and modernity. The 90s era was the only era which managed to make its own place even after the rich 70s and 80s. Everything of this era ranging from music to culture to art has its own value and so does its food.

The snacks we as children adored and relished during our childhood were a cake to remember. The food was close to our heart and was relished dearly. And the disappointing fact is that those snacks no longer exist and thus our future generation will never get a chance to the treat.

Candy Cigarettes


Indeed a must have for any school going kid back in the 90s. The candy cigarettes were an integral part of school lunch breaks. Their name says it all and is the reason for them being discontinued but yes the feeling of growing up while smoking a candy cigarette was something that can’t be forgotten.  

Ice Candies


This was what they were called and were available at every nook and corner be it near the school or home. Coming for just Rs. 2 they were indeed a treat during summer days. Loaded with different flavours there was nothing more one wanted to ask for while holding a chilled candy.

Ring Pops


This was the ornament for every school going boy or girl which was adorned with great pride and happiness. Ring pops were another famous snack from the 90s lap that were every kids’ all time favourite.

Creamwich Wafers


Another snack that takes directly to the nostalgia lane. The crispy wafer from outside and scrumptious cream inside made it a perfect snack to boast for. Back in the 90s these wafers were considered a luxury and were relished by everyone.



Another fun filled and lip-smacking snack. Fun filled because it came in such a shape that kids could fit the chips into their fingers as sharp nails and lip-smacking because of its crispy texture and spicy taste.



Fruity jellies coated with sugar that came in different flavours were the traits that made this snack a royalty. Coming in different shapes of wild animals or birds, ice creams or flowers every kid of the 90s era has a special memory attached to this snack.

All these snacks have a special place in the hearts of every 90s kid and a special memory attached to it. It is fair to say that these snacks were an integral part of every kid’s life back then.


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