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10 Easy Mocktail Recipes & Tricks You Wish You Would’ve Known Earlier.
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10 Easy Mocktail Recipes & Tricks You Wish You Would’ve Known Earlier.

Summers are drawing near and its time for some cool and refreshing drinks. Mocktails being the one loved and relished by all in the scorching heat. I too am a mocktail lover. But never had I wondered that making a mocktail is that much easy until one day I saw my mother making some concoction and it tasted like awesome!

So, here I am sharing some basic tricks that can make anybody a pro in making a mocktail.

1. Ice, Ice, and more Ice

Mocktail tastes best when it is served chilled. So make sure whenever you are thinking of making a mocktail keep ready a big bowl full of crushed ice.


2. Lime ‘n’ lemony

I tried many different kinds of mocktails at home. The ones which I found best were those that had a tinge of lemon in it. So it is always better to use a dash of lemon in any mocktail you make.


3. Make it a fruity affair

We all like fruits especially tropical fruits, they make delicious mocktails. So always make sure to add fresh fruit puree to your mocktail for that ‘extra taste.’


4. Binge on herbs

Drinks like virgin mojito are nothing but a concoction of mint leaves and lemon and are incredibly smoothening. So when you are hosting a party especially pool party don’t forget to herbalize your mocktail and show your culinary skills.


5. Decorate your Mocktail with fancy ice cubes.

Mocktail looks more tempting when it has the element of beauty in it like, fancy ice cubes are new in the trend that provides extra luxury to the drink. They are easy to make, just put in a slice of fruit or a flower in an ice cube and freeze.


6. Choose your straws and swizzles right.

Always go for colourful straws and swizzle sticks to make your mocktail look sweet and beautiful.


7. Make it sweet and tangy at the same time.

Mocktail mixing seems easy, but it is not so. Every ingredient has its own flavour in it, and it should be rightly mixed. The mocktail tastes good if it has a proper mix of sweet as well as tangy part. Combinations can be mango syrup with lime juice or apple juice with soda and many more.


8. The slushy affair

Fresh fruit slushes are the best summer coolers. Tropical fruits like watermelons, muskmelons, mangoes etc. make the best fruit slush. Concocting these with some different flavours of flavoured sodas, or blueberry syrup or maple syrup enhances the taste.


9. Heat up your drink

By the word heat up I don’t mean to actually heat the mocktail, but a tinge of chilly to the extra chilled drink does wonder to the mocktail. For this ginger juice or apple cider vinegar can be used.


10. Layer up your stem glass with different flavours

Fusion is the key. For e.g. the mocktail which provides sweetness of mango, tanginess of strawberry and a tinge of lemon is liked by all. The perfect blend of many flavours in one will definitely be a showstopper.



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