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Foreign Cuisines That We Indians Eat In A Wrong Way.
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Foreign Cuisines That We Indians Eat In A Wrong Way.

India is a land of diversity. There are as many different cuisines as there are states in India. And every cuisine has its own specialty and taste. Likewise, there are umpteen cuisines when we talk of the whole world with each cuisine representing a taste of its mother country. But we Indians often eat these adventitious cuisines the wrong way stating it ‘our version of the foreign dish’ and sometimes unknowingly also.

Chow – Mein


The dish is not called ‘chowmein’ in the first place. The Chinese call it noodles. And most of the time they have a complete meal of noodles with broth. Also while we Indians make it our own way with Indian spices the actual form of it includes stir-frying it with hell lot of vegetables and then drown it in chicken or egg broth.



One of the most renowned street foods in India nowadays is crusty cheesy and delectable ‘Pizza’. With different crust options ranging from cheese burst to pan-fried to thin crust, Indians have almost developed new categories of Pizza ranging from panner tikka toppings to tangy toppings of Indian flavours. But the actual Italian pizza comprises simply of a thin and crispy crust with lots of mozzarella cheese and specifically cooked in a wood fired oven.



Pasta seconds Pizza in the Indian street food market and is equally liked as a snack. And just like pizza; pasta too has been cooked in India the ‘wrong way’. Like some Indians simply cook pasta by stir-frying boiled pasta with vegetables and sprinkling different sauces like soy sauce, vinegar, and chili sauce. But there is a world of difference between authentic Pasta and the pasta being made in India. Authentic pasta is made with different types of separate sauces as the base like red sauce, white sauce or pesto sauce with Parmesan cheese as a must ingredient with minimal vegetable olives and jalapenos and garlic only.



Taco is a Mexican dish and though not very popular it is making its place gradually in India. The authentic Mexican taco is small in size with mostly beef and pork as filling or baked beans or lime as filling if we talk of vegetarian form. But we Indians often make these fillings wrong with lots of vegetables and cheese. Whereas cheese is often not used in making a taco.



Spaghetti is often confused with pasta or noodles most of the time and is thus always made in a wrong way by Indians most of the time. The authentic Italian spaghetti is simply a dish made with cheesy white sauce or spice and tangy red sauce with nothing more than garlic, cilantro and meatballs in addition.

Though we love our own version of foreign dishes with a spicy, tangy and juicy taste all in one dish but at the same time, it is important to know the authentic ways of cooking such dishes as for every country its food is a recognized symbol.


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