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Foods You Definitely Need On Your Plate For A Healthy Diet.
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Foods You Definitely Need On Your Plate For A Healthy Diet.

As kids, you were taught that there are six major food groups. The deficiency or over intake of any of them can lead to serious diseases and disorders. Thus right from the start, you are advised to maintain a balance among all these various food groups.

So, what are these six food groups that are being mentioned here repeatedly? While some of you might remember, for those of you who don’t, here is a quick recap.

6 Major Food Nutrients Groups:

Protein – These are one of the main nutrient sources for the body. Protein breaks down into amino acids. The amino acids are synthesized by your body for the building up and rejuvenation of your cells.

Carbohydrates – These are basically the power suppliers to your body. Without your carbs, your brain could not sustain enough energy to function properly.

Fat – These are an alternative source of energy to your body. Fats are not really that important unless there is a deficiency of carbohydrates. In such a case, your body shifts to using your fat as the main energy source.

Minerals – These are another essential part of your bodily needs. Minerals like Sodium and Potassium help to maintain the volume of fluids both inside and outside the cells. This, in turn, controls your blood pressure and various other body functions.

Vitamins – Vitamins are an important source of nutrition to your body. Vitamin C is required by your body to synthesize collagen. What is this? Simply put, Collagen is essential for the formation of a blood vessel, ligaments and bones. Other vitamins like Vitamin D, derived from the sun’s rays, helps you maintain your calcium homeostasis.

Water – The universal solvent is actually the most important component of your diet. Water helps to transport nutrients from one cell to the next. It is the main component of the blood in your body. Not to mention, water helps remove waste products of your body.

Foods to intake –

Now that we know what nutrients we need, we need to know where to get them from.

Here are some foods you should definitely include in your daily diet:


  1. Meat

Meat of any sort works. Be it fish, chicken, turkey, mutton, pork or beef, any sort of meat is a good source of protein for you.


  1. Eggs

This is another vital source of protein. A couple of eggs a day sure does the trick.


  1. Potatoes

These are one of the main sources of carbohydrates for your body.


  1. Bread

Bread is one of the most important sources of carbohydrates for your body.


  1. Vegetable Oils

Various cooking oils like Olive oil or Safflower oil are good sources of fat to your body.

  1. Bananas

They are a vital source of Iron in your body. Iron is an important component of your blood.


  1. Citrus fruits

Fruits like lemon and oranges are a vital source of vitamin C for your body.


  1. Milk and other Dairy Products

These are a vital source of Calcium for your bones.


  1. Iodised Salts


Common Salt is an essential source of Iodine for the human body. Lack of Iodine can lead to thyroid.


  1. Water

A glass of water is always good for your health, just make sure it’s clean.

These are the various foods you must intake to maintain a healthy body.


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