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13 Reasons Why Restaurant Food Tastes Better Than Home Cooked Food.
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13 Reasons Why Restaurant Food Tastes Better Than Home Cooked Food.

Everyone who loves to cook has always given a try to the item they have tasted sometime in a restaurant, but it is never of the same taste. There is no shame in accepting that the home cooked food is not a total match to the food they serve at the restaurants. It is not exactly our cooking ability that prevents us from matching the perfection, but there’s actually more to it.

There are many reasons why home cooked food does not taste like restaurant food and here are 13 reasons why:

Use of Ingredients:

It is true that when we cook something from a cookbook or a YouTube video we try our best to match the number of ingredients but you know what, that does not work. You ask ten people to make the same dish from the same cookbook; you will get ten different dishes.

The perfection cannot be matched from that of the book. It is only after a lot of practice that you know the perfect amount of each ingredient you need to pour. The chefs in those restaurant kitchens make the same dish hundreds of times a day.


The same logic applies for timing also. While preparing food, only the ingredients don’t matter, it is the timing to mix those ingredients that play the trick, and this also becomes perfect after years of practice. That is why at home, sometimes food is either undercooked or is overcooked which is not the case with restaurant food.


At home, you use the same pan for frying vegetables or cook the soup, which is not correct. Every dish requires a perfect cooking utensil for being perfect, and at home, we cannot have a full stock of different appliances.


Salt is an essential ingredient in all dishes, and it totally changes the outcome. The cooks at restaurants always use salt liberally. At home, we always have a fear of the food becoming too salty, but that is not the case in there.

Use of Butter:

The flavour is hidden in the fat, and that’s why the cooks of restaurants have a very liberal hand for butter. Adding butter to almost everything always creates a magic that is not easy to achieve at home.

Well prepared:

In restaurants, they don’t have to worry about the quantity of food, they keep everything prepared. The meat is well marinated the vegetables are well soaked. It requires a lot of planning to do the same at home.


At restaurants, they have a massive quantity of residue meat, bone or vegetables which they use to prepare their trademark stocks or broths. They add the residues in almost everything. We never realise their presence, but they always give a superb taste & flavour to the dish.


The oils of restaurants which are being used continuously for preparation of several dishes make a great fusion in its taste. Our freshly heated oil can never match with that.

They have everything ready:

They prepare food in huge quantity and that forces them to keep a huge stock of everything; all flavours and tastes. That is why, even if accidentally something goes wrong, they have measures to make it right.


The hot, ever burning ovens of restaurants create just the perfect amount of heat for the food get cooked perfectly. We should not try this at home for sure.


They have been cooking the same items for years and several times a day. You can never achieve the same perfection at home because you can never practice that much. If you try to do that, you better go and live in a restaurant.


It is not a tough job to do at home, but the presentation of food is a must-be factor at the restaurants. The lovely presentation of the dish makes us fall in love with it even before tasting. It is true we eat with eyes as much as we eat with our mouth.


It is a team that works behind a delicious dish at the restaurant. The group which has its work correctly distributed amongst themselves as per their quality generates the best result. It is not like home where only a pair of hands do everything.

The habit of cooking food at home is good because along with its delicious taste the restaurants also give us a lot of problems. The taste of home cooked food has a difference to it which is not present in the restaurant food. It has love mixed in it and is pure and original where there are no added preservatives.


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