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Signs That You’re At A Good Restaurant!
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Signs That You’re At A Good Restaurant!

Well, this is the most thought yet less discussed topic. Most thought because while visiting a restaurant everyone looks for some key points that categorize it to be a good one. And less discussed because everyone hardly talks about the signs of a good restaurant on daily basis.

But today let’s talk about it. For even this topic is as important as any other topics because your money, your mood, and your occasion all depend on the quality of the restaurant. So what are the signs that tag a restaurant as “good”? Well, though its true that all the signs will differ from person to person, perspective to perspective, occasion to occasion and many more such factors, still, there are some signs that are basic and are mandatory for a restaurant to be “good”.



Indeed the most basic sign. Any restaurant can be thought of as “good” if its most sold entity i.e Food is good. Now the question is what implies the good food?

Well, it is true that every individual has its own taste preference and food cannot be prepared as per everyone’s taste buds, still, food at a restaurant should be of promising quality with each and every ingredient fresh and in a definite proportion. It should not be too spicy or too bland, too oily or too salty. Delicious food will definitely mark the restaurant as “good”.



After the food quality or even before it, hygiene factor comes into play. Any place with clean basic amenities like water and washrooms as well as clean space is automatically called as good. Same is applicable to the restaurants as well. Sometimes even the level of food quality is determined by the cleanliness factor. In fact, from the moment anyone steps into a restaurant the very first thing they look for is cleanliness and hygiene. And if that is missing, people will immediately step out of the restaurant without even tasting the food they serve.



Well, this is based on my personal experience. I am a big foodie and the love of food always makes me explore new restaurants and different cuisines. Because of my this trait I visited this restaurant which is famous for its yummy Chinese food and I must admit the food was awesome but what bothered me the most was the ambiance. The place was damn congested with almost no space for standing and the crockery was also not very much appealing. And so, even though the food served was best in the area, yet the restaurant lost its marks because of its ambiance.

So yes, ambiance is also of equal importance for any restaurant to be tagged as “good”.



Well yes, why not! Everyone likes to see smiling faces around and to be greeted well. Even sometimes one’s day is described by other person’s mood and behavior.

Let us take two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Where the food quality is okay-okay but the staff is behaving amicably and friendly.

In such a case your mood will not be spoiled because the food served is not that bad and the staff has been listening to your grievances in a positive way showing a civil gesture. For you, that evening is well spent and you term the restaurant as “good”.

Scenario 2: Where the food quality is good but the staff is arrogant and discourteous.

Here, the staff doesn’t pay heed to your complaints and on the other hand, behaves improperly. If such is the case even if everything is positive and the food is good, this one thing will surely turn out to be negative for a restaurant.

So considering the above two scenario, staff behavior also plays an important role in defining the status of a restaurant as good or bad.

On-Time Service


Absolutely true! The restaurant which keeps you waiting on and on can never be a good restaurant. A good restaurant is the one which places the food on your table within a reasonable time span.

I myself have experienced the irritation caused. When you are hungry and in a deep mood to binge on your dish and food is served late. You are eagerly waiting for your food but the delayed service just makes you more hungry and angry. All the excitement and hunger go by then, and you are only left with anger and irritation. In such a scenario, a restaurant may lose its tag of being good even though it’s good in many other aspects.

So all the points mentioned above are of key importance if considered individually or as a whole. All these points are somehow related to one another and make a restaurant good or bad.

What are your experiences while visiting a restaurant? Do Share.

Till then Happy Exploring! Happy Eating!


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