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10 Cities Around The World That are Famous for Street Food.
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10 Cities Around The World That are Famous for Street Food.

Street food; this name tickles almost everyone’s taste buds. Everyone is fond of street food and tasting the food of different streets around the world. So here listed are the top cities which are famous for its delectable street food.

Bangkok, Thailand

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Thailand, already famous for its ravishing beaches and refreshing and smoothening spas has its name in street food as well. Thai noodles and different Thai curries always make way from everyone’s stomach to heart. Local vendors are available on the streets of Thailand to take care of your anytime meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner and even late night snacks. One must definitely visit Thailand at least once to experience and enjoy its street food delicacies.


Island Flic en Flac, Mauritius

A beautiful island in Mauritius ideal for solace and peace. It has everything that is required for a perfect holiday. Street food here is a perfect blend of four cultures viz. Indian, French, African and Chinese.

Tokyo, Japan

The technology city also is famous for its sumptuous street food available at every nook and corner of its streets. Though the street food culture is less pervasive in Japan, still limited street food always steals the limelight here. Be it crepes, spicy Japanese corn, or Japanese sweet potatoes; Japan has always proven its name in the street food niche.


Cartagena, Columbia

Some cities are explored best on foot, Cartagena is one of them. With its beautiful streets serving mouth-watering street food, this city is bliss for food lovers. Coctel De Camaron, arepas, street meat, and chorizo are some of the delicacies here.


Delhi, India

It is yet another famous and diversified city known for its tangy, spicy and sweet street food. Delhi is a land of many flavours and varieties, available at stalls at different streets of the city. Be it milkshakes, ice cream sodas, pancakes, chowmein or momos, this city never fails to astonish people.


Mumbai, India

Lovingly called ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ by its locals, this is yet another city famous for its mouth-watering street food. Stalls here start at 7.00 am early in the morning serving hot poha and sheera which makes a delectable breakfast. Apart from this, Mumbai also has paani puri, chuski (ice- gola) and bhelpuri to its name.


Beijing, China

When it comes to street food, the Chinese can never lag behind. The Wi-Fi city Beijing is famous for its authentic Chinese food available across the streets. Be it pan fried noodles or wontons, Chinese cuisine has always been in demand, and no place other than the capital of China itself is the better option for relishing the taste of authentic Chinese.


Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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Egg waffles, Fish curry bowls, Pineapple buns are some of the famous dishes of the delicious street food in Hong Kong. This city offers an abundant variety of different types of snacks available on the streets.

Miami, USA

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Usually famous for its food truck culture, Miami offers a wide variety of street food on its food trucks. Ranging from Mac and Cheese bowls to seafood to desserts, the most intriguing feature of this city is that it has a dedicated food truck for each genre of food and this is what makes Miami a loved place for street food.

New York City, USA

If you are a burger lover, then you must visit the New York City for this city offer an infinite variety of burgers and other delicacies available across the streets. Anything from ham and cheese to beef or fish burger is available on the roads of New York.


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