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Ever Heard Of These Most Unique Restaurants Around The World?
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Ever Heard Of These Most Unique Restaurants Around The World?

Who doesn’t care for eating out? Regardless of how great or tasty home cooked foods may be, on occasion we as a whole appreciate going out to eat something. Restaurants know this extremely well and that is the reason some of them go well beyond in giving you a one of a kind ordeal. You go out and spend some cash and these restaurants profit. With one of a kind topics and ideas, an energizing night is only a mile away. There are enormous number of unique restaurants found in this world. Here, you can find the top 5 unique restaurants around the world below:

Top 5 Unique Restaurants around the World:

Modern toilet restaurant chain – Taiwan

As the name suggests, you will experience a feel of eating meals in a toilet. But it doesn’t mean that the taste may differ. Sure you can experience delicious foods here with a unique taste. The toilet atmosphere is just to show their uniqueness and individuality. It may sound yucky, however, it’s truly not. The meal is tasty, and this idea is spreading like fire out of control.

The Lock-up Prison restaurant – Shibuya, Tokyo

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This restaurant is somewhat, significantly scary and not suited for light-hearted people. After entering this dark spread restaurant you need to discover your way via the cool lobbies where you can listen to screaming sound effect to threaten you. You may even be cuffed and prompted your jail styled table for food. Somewhat costly, however, who’s whining when you get an exciting jail understanding without having to really get bolted up.

Onoir – Montreal, Canada

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This restaurant gives you an ordeal of eating oblivious, and by dull we mean finish pitch dark dim. You’re not permitted to convey any type of light inside, be it watches or mobile phones. Your waiters and servers in the restaurant are visually challenged individuals. The whole culinary experience gets elevated as your feeling of notice; taste, smell, and feel are on an overdrive because of the absence of sight. Sure you will experience a blind persons life by spending some time here.

The Kayabukiya Tavern – Utsunomiya, Japan

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This is a customary Japanese styled restaurant, however, what separates it from others of its kind is that the servers are two monkeys. Truly, two pet monkeys are prepared and are spruced up in shorts and shirts and will take your order. You can feed them with soya beans after your meals. An eating background you’re certainly not going to overlook for quite a while to come.

Ninja New York – New York City, USA

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This restaurant gives you a chance to encounter Japan in New York, an extraordinary Japan, but rather a fifteenth-century medieval styled town. The waiters are Ninjas here. Truly, you read it right, Ninjas wearing black dress welcome you, once in a while tumbling, bowing and performing traps to give you a legitimate Japanese town feel. The meal here is a regular food of sushi and serves the purpose to run with the name.


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