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10 Most Useful Android Apps That Can Make Your Life Easy
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10 Most Useful Android Apps That Can Make Your Life Easy

Android is one of the most used Mobile Operating Systems of all time. You most probably would be using it too.
Here are 10 applications which can make your Android device powerful enough to make your life much more productive & easier.

1. Keep

Keep is a memo/note taking application by Google. It has a simple and elegant design with an easy to use interface which gives it this slot in the list instead of other apps like Ever-note.

The app lets you login using your Google account meaning that even if you switch to another device or delete this app by mistake, you won’t lose all your notes. Along with this, you also get features to archive, pin & add tags or labels to your notes. Another interesting feature is that with the help of your Google account you can add a collaborator to a specific note, giving her/him the full access to modify that particular note.

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2. Framelapse

Now Framelapse is an app that almost everybody who loves photo & cinematography would love and be probably using already. It’s an amazing app with which you can record dope timelapse videos which are basically videos recorded at a much lower framerate but when fast forwarded a bit, turns out to be amazing.
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3. Quora


Quora isn’t actually an app but is a social media network. It’s the most famous Question & Answer site on the internet and also happens to have an android app. I strongly recommend you to join Quora and follow topics you like to be updated with. There are many such answers on Quora which you can’t ever find on Google.

4. Inbox


Inbox is again an application by Google and is an amazing replacement for the default Gmail app which comes pre-installed on all Android phones. This application using artificial intelligence sorts your email into different categories which makes it easier for you to choose which emails are really important to read, which isn’t possible in the Gmail app as of yet. This app also gives you an option to pin an email and auto-reply to one and is packed with a ton of more amazing features. It’s worth checking out.
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5. ES File Explorer


It’s the best & most downloaded file managing app available on the Google Play Store. Even phone companies love it so much that some of them don’t even care to make their own app, instead throw this app in their phone as they know they can’t do better. It has every single feature you want in a file manager, ranging from a variety of different themes to having a recycle bin like Windows from where you can recover the files you deleted by mistake.
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6. SnapSeed


Snapseed is yet another amazing app by Google. It’s a photo editor and trust me when I say this, I’m not exaggerating, this is the best photo editing app I’ve ever used. I find it even better than VSCO cam. Snapseed has a variety of filters if you are a noob like me who will apply some presets on your photo to make it look better. Also, you can adjust everything ranging from brightness to sharpness to exposure & contrast on your own and give it the touch you want.
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7. Nova Launcher


As the name suggests it’s an Android Launcher or Skin, it is the most popular Launcher out there and I bet that if you are a hardcore Android user, you must have heard about it before. It gives you literally a ton of options to customize your Android device and make it truly yours.
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8. Quik


Quik is a video editing application by GoPro which is an ideal app for creating a family trip summary video for sharing with your friends on your timeline or on any WhatsApp Group. It has a ton of cool effects and transitions which make your viewers stay untill the end. Of course, it’s not the app to go with if you want to become a full-time Video Editor but is surely amazing for someone who just needs a video done!
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9. Phonto


Phonto is an app which can be used to add text to your photos, it is the best app to do so as it has a ton of pre-installed fonts that can be used by you instantly and also has a lot of other customization options.
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10. Aptoide


Aptoide is an application which is an amazing alternative to the Google Play Store. It has got all the apps you can find on the Play Store plus more. And no one knows when you might find a paid app for free.
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That’s our android app list for you, Let’s us know yours.



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