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Harmful Radiations By Mobilephones, Be Safe!
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Have you ever slept next to your mobile phone the whole night?
Is your mobile phone always close to your heart all day all night?
Can mobile phone radiations cause cancer?

BULLSHITTT!!! We bet every one of you have heard at least one of such questions Rumours and myths take no time to flourish in the society! There is genuinely no harm to one’s life due to a mobile phone. Well, unless it falls down on your face while you’re busy texting laying down. But, smartphones do emit radiations right? Like that’s the way they’re able to communicate See it goes like this, cancer can be caused by radiations but not all radiations cause cancer! When a layman reads the word radiation he/she encodes it like ‘RADIATION’. Their reflexive mind says caution, the next moment. We have to understand that smartphone networks run on radio frequency radiations which have low frequency and accordingly low energy… (These guys are non-ionizing i.e. not-harmful)

The possibility of you getting cancer because of a mobile phone’s radiations is same as Dinchak Pooja getting famous because of her talent, see that? Not sure about Dinchak Pooja, but a mobile phone’s radiations won’t cause any damage to your life!

As the frequency of the waves increases the energy of the waves also increase…

Mobile networks work on radio frequency which lies between (kiloHz to GigaHz) Even then regular daylight has much more intense radiation than this…

Talking about harmful radiations like ( x-rays, gamma rays) having frequencies in “TeraHz” can possibly cause cancer as these are ionizing frequencies which ionize the atoms in your body by pitching energy to them.

Henceforth, don’t hesitate about having your mobile phone around every time just for the reason of emitting radiations…

Though I would suggest keeping aside the mobile phone when not necessary and enjoy getting involved in the moment and experience life with evolving perception!


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