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These Tips Will Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life Upto 50%.
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These Tips Will Increase Your Phone’s Battery Life Upto 50%.

The upgrades we’ve got in smartphones are significant reflections of this growth.

With top-notch specs and performance.

they’re getting bigger, slimmer, light and eventually smarter.

But, the heart of this device is always a concern.

Talking about the battery which powers up such massive hardware seems to be unpleasant when it comes to various handsets.

So let’s talk about batteries!

⭕. The no. of ‘mAh’ you carry won’t matter, as there’ll be a time when you’ll be running out of power!


1. Turn off all the automatic activities

2. Root of the problem


In a smartphone, the significant power consumption happens while using wireless connections, high processing and yes, camera!

The screen consumes more than 50% of your battery.

When you’re getting low on power every next on-screen moment matter, followed by every next call you make.

Ensuring no background activities are running. (Turing off ‘NFC’, ‘Bluetooth’, ‘wifi’, ‘data’, ‘hot-spot’, etc would play a major role too)

*Turn on inbuilt battery saver(if any)*

*‎never rely on third-party battery saving apps, as I said things done manually are more effective than auto when it comes to power saving*


⭕. A healthy battery //A damaged battery always carries the risk of a ‘BOOOOOM’//

Well, dozens of myths fall into this category.

we generally use lithium-ion batteries or smartphones.//lithium-poly are also considered/


Do I need to charge my battery entirely up to 100% only when it’s drained not in between?

No, the ideal way of ensuring the long life of your battery (i.e. more than 2-3 years) you have to try maintaining the battery percentage between 20% to 80%,
The phone’s battery will blast someday if I overcharge it while I’m sleeping at night.

No, there is a limiter built in your handset to avoid overflow of current once the battery has fully charged.
Does external temperature affect charging?

Yes, it does affect.

Average room temperature is suitable for a comfortable charge a slightly cooler temperature is preferred (mostly for fast charging)
I should only use the provided dedicated charger for charging.

Any charger would do, unless it isn’t original or from a reputed company,
Does charging chord affects the charging speed?

Yes, a thick chord ensures low resistance and smooth and efficient flow of charge.
If I used my phone while charging, there’s a possibility that it may blast.

No, it won’t blast because of that, but it would decrease the battery lifespan.
My phone doesn’t support fast charging; it’s evident that it will get damaged when I use a fast charger for it.

No, remember when I told you about the limiter? It’s always there,
Is it normal if my phone heats while charging?

It’s a regular thing if it’s a phone supporting fast charging, else it would be an issue with the battery.


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