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11 Ultimate Tricks To Be A Traveller Even With A Corporate Job.
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11 Ultimate Tricks To Be A Traveller Even With A Corporate Job.

Do you think your 9 to 5 job is killing the traveller inside you? It’s quite normal. This happens with most corporate sector employees. Too much stress and workload take all the energy away and you can’t even plan a trip. To add to this, you always worry about the uncertainty in the nature of your job which may completely jeopardise all the planning.

I had been a solo traveller since my college days and utilised all my free time in travelling but when I landed in the corporate world, I became frustrated. Firstly, there was hardly any free time and whatever time I got, I was either too tired or busy doing long due works – there was no time for a travel. It took me some time to adjust to it but then my job itself became my source of travel. I slowly started using my corporate resources to plan and execute lovely trips and soon became a priority passenger for most domestic airlines. I was in an advantage because I am an architect who has to visit quite a few sites frequently and that became a gateway for me to visit places. Many of you don’t have that chance but most of you have outstation clients or consultants which can be a good excuse to combine your business and leisure.

I used these 11 ultimate tricks and hacks to the fullest and soon started travelling at least once a month if not more.

Be in good relationship with your client:

When you have an outstation or an overseas client, maintain a high level of trust with them. Whenever they have a problem they must come to you and soon you will see chances of travel are occurring.

Be the best in your boss’ eyes:



If you are matching your business travels with your personal ones, you have to maintain a great level of understanding with your boss. At no point should he think that you are misusing the resources of the company. Your performance inside the office will lead you to go out – be as honest to your work as possible.

Be transparent with your team:

If you are getting all the opportunity of travel, your teammates are sure to envy you and that can cause your career. Be transparent with them and never act like a chosen one. Be with them all the time and also when you are travelling. Accept the fact that they can also have the same privilege and share travel stories with others.

Be ready to grab every opportunity:

If travelling is in your blood then you are sure to do this. A small trip might just happen when you know in the evening that you have an early morning flight next day. Always keep yourself prepared, both in office and in the home for such situation. Never say ‘No’ – that’s going to leave some mark on both your boss and your client.

The guy who does all the bookings – that’s your best friend:

Make good friends with the guy who does all the bookings so that you may have the option to select the best flight and best hotel which gives you a good time to travel. Always insist him to book budget-friendly hotels and flights so that the company saves a lot of money.

Use the long weekends:

Every year, there have to be a few long weekends and those are your time. You already have a good rapport with your client and boss. Convince both of them to place the meeting or site visit around that time and plan a long trip.

Use your outstation times properly:

I was always on the earliest flight of the day so that I reach the place in the morning – as if I woke up in that city. I also convinced my clients to sit for the meeting at the earliest so that I have the entire day of roaming around.

Carry all the gadgets and choose them properly:

Carry everything that keeps you always connected to your office. A lightweight laptop, mobile phones, power banks, USB based internet connections are a must. Also, keep all those apps and software installed which is must for your nature of work and also sending and receiving files – especially large sized ones.

Do not hurry, Go into details:

One of site’s works took me to the Dooars as many as twenty times in a year. This is going to happen to you as well. Do not hurry in watching the places around. Be sure that you are going to come back. Take it slowly and visit in details. If you have a list of 10 to-do list, do one each time but do it properly.

The moment the calendar is out, Plan starts:

You will not always like to travel at company’s expense with the worry of works. Once or twice a year, you need to break out of everything and simply relax. The moment you get the calendar for the coming year, make plans, do the bookings and do not keep that a secret to your team.

Learn to deal with the Jetlag:

Don’t allow the jet lag play heavy on you. Learn the skill to reduce jetlag and keep yourself fresh – mingle with others, read books, listen to music or simply sleep – do whatever comforts you but don’t allow the stress to come.



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