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7 Highest Mountain Peaks In The World That You Must Be Aware Of
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7 Highest Mountain Peaks In The World That You Must Be Aware Of

Various natural phenomena, such as volcanoes and other natural events, have given rise to a rocky terrain and several mountains with incredible summits on the earth like mighty Himalayan mountains. No doubt, exploring each summit is indeed a challenge for mountaineers worldwide. By exploring each tallest mountain peak, humans make a record and find credits for it. So, you might be curious thinking which are the tallest mountain peaks on the globe, aren’t you? Then, think no further. Just read this article below and know the 7 highest mountain peaks in the world that you must be aware of.

Mount Everest Asia, 29,035 Feet:

Mount Everest, which is also popular as Mount Chomolungma, has the tallest summit on the earth. It exists from about 250 million years in Nepal amid the border of Nepal and Tibet. Experts state that the height of Mt. Everest increases by 4mm every year. And, Tensing Norgay and Edmund Hillary were the first mountaineers to ascend this towering mountain peak in 1953.


Aconcagua, South America, 22,837 Feet:

Another noteworthy summit is Aconcagua, which you can find adorning the Andes mountain range in Argentina in South America. This towering 22,847 feet mountain peak is often known for being the highest trekking peak on the globe and the second highest in the well-known Seven Summits. The mountain and its surrounding area come under Aconcagua Provincial Park. Interestingly, Aconcagua is popular for becoming the part of a Disney cartoon.


Denali, North America, 20, 310 Feet:

Denali, which was previously well-known as Mount McKinley, is the tallest mountain peak in North America. Nestled in well-known Denali National Park of Alaska, this soaring peak is recognized for its extreme temperatures, with the lowest temperature being -54.4°C. On an average 1,275 mountain climbers attempt to make it to the summit.


Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa, 19340 Feet:

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Popular as the highest mountain peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is a prominent tourist hotspot attracting several tourists around the world every year. In the ancient Swahili dialect, Kilima used to signify ‘little, hill mountain’ and Njaro used to stand for ‘white or shiny’ so the name derived is Mt. Kilimanjaro. This 7,50,000-years-old, 19,340 feet high summit is a dormant volcano comprising three cones, namely Shira, Kibo, and Mawenzi. You can find the summit on the Kibo cone and this highest peak is known as Uhuru. Between 1993 and 2000, the quantity of ice present on the peak of Kibo has reduced by more than 90%. As per the predictions of the scientists, the ice may totally vanish by the year 2022.


Vinson Massif, Antartica, 16,050 Feet:

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Are you wondering which is the tallest summit in Antarctica? It’s Vinson Massif, a gigantic, spectacular 13 km wide and 21 km long mountain, which is situated about 150 miles from the South Pole. This towering mountain overlooks Ronne Ice Shelf located in the vicinity of Antarctic Peninsula’s base. The American Alpine Club is known for climbing this challenging peak of Vinson Massif.


Carstensz Pyramid, Oceania, 16,024 Feet:

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Mount Carstensz is the tallest mountain peak of Mount Jayawijaya, which you can find in Sudirman Range of spectacular Papua Province that comes in Indonesia in Oceania. You need the government permit if you wish to access this towering summit. Besides this, the Carstensz Pyramid is home to one of the biggest mines on the planet.


Mount Elbrus, Europe, 18,510 Feet:

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Last, but not the least, Mount Elbrus is popular for being the tallest mountain peak in Europe. It’s actually a dormant volcano, which you can find in Southern Russia’s the Caucasus Mountains. Mt. Elbrus is well-known as the 10th most phenomenal peak on the globe. The last eruption that occurred here was between 0 and 100 AD.

So, add your choice of a summit to your travel bucket list and make no delay in heading out to explore it.


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