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5 Best Trekking Places In Maharashtra You Should Visit This Monsoon.
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5 Best Trekking Places In Maharashtra You Should Visit This Monsoon.

Being associated with the Western Ghats (also known as Sahyadri meaning The Benevolent Mountains) Maharashtra has some of the best trekking spots, so here is the Best trekking Places In Maharashtra.

Forts from the era of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to the highest peak of Maharashtra these mountains are a treat for adventure enthusiasts.

With few of the beaten tracks, different level of difficulties and some stunning views, its worth to reach the peaks of these mountains.

So, from the beauty of these mountains to the safety of your life, we will give you every single information you need to reach these Peaks Of Sahyadri.

Let’s get started with the Highest Peak of Maharashtra


1. Kalsubai


If you plan for one day trek near Mumbai or search for three-day camping with Trek, Kalsubai is the ideal place for you.

Start your hike from the peaceful Bari village, situated at the base of this humongous mountain, the natural beauty and the alluring landscape of Kalsubai’s summit will leave you mesmerized (you just can’t hold yourself from clicking some amazing photos)

Here is my collection.

Kalsubai’s summit situated at an elevation of 5400 feet (1,646 m) is the highest peak in Maharashtra, to climb this ‘Everest of Maharashtra’ it will take you around 4 – 5 hours, but its all worth it once you reach the summit and gaze upon the horizon, the spirit of goddess Kalsubai’s Temple and the fascinating view will just make you forget all your perils and take you at peace.

Kalsubai Trek is nothing but a simple walk through clouds, with the photographic view screaming to get clicked and the thrilling staircase to heaven.

If you are planning to camp and enjoy the night under the blanket of stars, the plateau in the middle of this trek is all safe for it.

Surely enough, this trek will make you fall for the joy of walk.

Next on our list is from the era of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.


2. Harishchandragad


Are you adventure lover and all set to put your life (hypothetically) on a single rope?

Yes, then go to this place called The Harishchandragad, with the extreme difficulty level, this fort maintains its hard to conquer attitude.

We are not saying this because of its height: 1442m (just 250m short of kalsubai peak) but imagine walking, rope climbing and rock climbing on some of the beaten tracks to cover that distance.

But sweat no more, Harishchandragad ain’t all about off the beaten tracks, there are some fascinating spots you will cherish during this trek, places like Saptatirtha lake, Kedareshwar Cave, Caves on Harishchandragad, and Temple of Harishchandreshwar should be on top of your list while you are around here.

People often get tired by doing half of the trek, we will recommend you to plan this trek for 2 days, either way, you also don’t wanna miss the beauty of Harishchandragad at night.

Harischandragad isn’t an ideal place for beginners, but who cares just go for it if you think this is the place for you.


3. Lohagad


If you really wanna have a feel of how people from the era of forts used to live, Lohagad should be on your list. You just can’t stop admiring the architecture of Lohagad.

Doing justice to its name, Lohagad (iron fort) has a huge solid structure which just makes it more beautiful.

Planning your trip for Lohagad in monsoon, Beware! the fort is covered with heavy mist and clouds. The steps of the fort and particularly wet with growing moss. The roads and trails leading to the hill are quite slippery at this time of the year and precautions are necessary to be taken while venturing the routes.

Lohagad is one of the beautiful forts in Maharashtra with amazing architecture and fascinating presence.

There’s another neighboring Lohagad called Visapur fort, it is just a walk away so explore it too.


4. Kalavantin Durg



After Harishchandragad, Kalavantin Durg is one of the difficult treks to do, especially in monsoon season. Its stiffness and its stairs which have no protection at all make it very difficult to climb. (one wrong step and you are about to fall)

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Kalavantin Durg stands true to its own persona, it challenges you in its own way. Being alert on each step and looking upon the picturesque horizon, this place takes your breath away, so get ready for an adventure and praise the beauty that Kalavantin possesses.

Go for camping and trekking if you are planning for Kalavantin Durg, try reaching the base village by evening, it’s a perfect place to set a tent and enjoy the evening with music and bonfire.


5. Ratangad



Jewels of the fort: Ratangad is the most elegant place you will come across, the fort itself is covered by beautiful flora and fauna in the month of November and has a rock formation at its peak with a cavity in its center, caused due to erosion, which is called ‘Nedhe’ or ‘Eye of the Needle’.

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This trek has few adventures hidden in its mane. There is a point where you have to cross an iron ladder hanging from one mountain to another, it will surely test your vertigo and will increase your adrenaline level.

Ratangad is an easy level trek, highly recommend for beginners.

While trekking here, make sure to carry lots of water to stay hydrated.

So pull up your socks and get ready for trekking after going through the whole list of trekking spots.

Wait, Wait! don’t get carried away, here are some points to remember just to make your trek more memorable and Safe.

How to make your trek Memorable and Safe

1. Carry lots of water, food and all necessary things that need to keep you hydrated. (carry fruits, that helps a lot) If you are planning on camping please carry fire torch or anything that will help you to set up a bonfire, if you are planning a trek in monsoon make sure to carry an electric torch.

2.Gear yourself with things like safety rope, knife, and better to have a medical kit. (you don’t want your wound to get infected)

3.Carry a Backpack which is really tough. (We prefer wildcraft brand)

4.It might sound crazy to some people but note it down, there is nothing like unplanned trek, explore the nature with suspense.

5.Last but not the least, many of us get indulged in the beauty of these amazing mountains, a piece of advice from a bird lover, try bird watching at a place like Kankeshwar, you will be surprised how rich our mountains are with bird diversity.



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