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10 Frosty Places in India You Must Visit Once in Your Life Time
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10 Frosty Places in India You Must Visit Once in Your Life Time

India is a huge country full of diverse climates. While one place in the country is burning in the heat, someplace is freezing in cold. The lush green Western Ghats or the Eastern Ghats or the mighty Himalaya – have created uncountable breathtakingly beautiful places in their adobe which offer the much-needed relief from the scorching heat of the plains. Practically – in whatever area of the country you are – a holiday destination is never far away from you – an overnight journey is sure to take you to a place where you can give a cheeky wink to the sun and enjoy some fresh cold air even during the peak holiday months.


Here is a list of 10 ultimate frosty holiday destinations in India


The Northern states of the country can feel a little privileged when summer escapes are considered. The states of Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal are dotted with numerous hill stations that offer pleasant weather during the summer months and most importantly, these places are pretty well connected with rest of the country.


1. Ladakh:


Ladakh is the ultimate destination for anybody, and that is not only because of its frosty weather but also because of its exotic natural beauty. Beautiful mountains surrounding lakes, the stunning monasteries and an entirely unknown culture – Ladakh has plenty to offer. If you are planning a weekend trip – Ladakh is surely not the right place, but for a perfect vacation, you cannot expect a better option.

How to Reach:

By Rail – Jammu Tawi Railway Station (700 Km from Ladakh).

By Air – KB Rimpochee Airport, Leh.


2. Srinagar:

Great Mughal King Jahangir once said –

“Agar Firdaus bar ru-ezamin ast, Hami ast o-hami ast o-hami ast

(If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here)



You got it right – he was talking about Kashmir. Srinagar, its capital, is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in the country and is a perfect place to spend a few chilly days during the holiday.

How to Reach:

By Rail: Udhampur Railway Station (227 Km from Srinagar).

By Air: Srinagar Airport.


 3. Manali:


Manali has been the most sought-after destination for North Indians be it any season. The lovely city on the banks of river Beas offers the best of weather throughout the year. A day’s journey to Rohtang will take you to one of the most beautiful mountain passes in the country and if you are lucky enough you can play with snow. If you are a lover of adventure sports, you have one more reason to take the road to Manali to get some cool, peaceful breeze beating the city life.

How to Reach:

By Rail: Una Railway Station (245 Km from Srinagar).

By Air: Bhuntar Airport (50 Km from Manali).


 4. Nainital:


The lake city of Nainital is a must-be-in-the-bucket-list for every Indian. Built on the slopes of the mountain, surrounding the beautiful lake, the city is pleasant, beautiful and soothing. In the evening, when the hill starts to glitter, it is like sitting inside a golden globe. Nainital is a fabulous option for taking a refreshing break from the hot days.

How to Reach:

By Rail: Kathgodam Railway Station (30 Km from Nainital).

By Air: Pantnagar Airport (65 Km from Dharamshala).

There is absolutely no reason to think that the South has a lack of finding peace during the hot months. The jewels of the Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats are no less than their northern counterparts when it comes to splendid beauty, soothing landscapes and pleasant weather. 


5. Munnar:


Munnar is famous for its Tea, wildlife and beautiful landscapes. I can spend any amount of money to go to Munnar to see the breathtaking sunrise on the hills. It is undoubtedly the most stunning sunrise I have ever seen. The tea gardens of Munnar offer you not only a relief from the scorching heat down the hills but also take you close to the world’s most healthy beverage. The nearby Thekkady is an excellent place for enjoying the beauty of Perriyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to Reach:

By Rail: Aluva Railway Station (110 Km from Nainital).

By Air: Ernakulam Airport (125 Km from Dharamshala).


6. Ooty:


Ooty is called the Queen of the Hills, and it is not a bit of exaggeration. Serene lakes, beautiful hill landscapes and continuous play of sun and clouds make it one of the most beautiful hill cities in the country, The peak of the Nilgiris, the blue mountains, is a perfect place to taste the best coffee in the nation while relaxing overlooking the never-ending greens. To get the sweat away and indulge in the beauty of nature, Ooty is the best place. You can also enjoy the toy-train ride while visiting Ooty.

How to Reach:

By Rail: Ooty Railway Station (Toy Train from Mettupalayam).

By Air: Coimbatore Airport (105 Km from Ooty).


7. Kodaikanal:


The beautiful city in the state of Tamil Nadu is defined by its beautiful grasslands, waterfalls, lakes, forests and out-of-the-world valley. To be honest, Kodaikanal, despite having a much less altitude than the ones in the Himalayas, is more pleasant and serene. The breathtaking view of the mountains can take all your stress away. If you are in any of the Southern states in the country and looking for some cool place to relax, you have nothing more to look for – simply hit the road to Kodaikanal.

How to Reach:

By Rail: Palani Railway Station (65 Km for Kodaikanal).

By Air: Madurai Airport (120 Km from Kodaikanal).


The East & the North East are not deprived of anything. Since the British first started setting up hill-stations in the country, the region has some of the best and most beautiful places in the country where one can have a memorable trip.


8. Shillong:


When getting a cool relief from busy city life is the matter of concern, all seven sister states of North Eastern India has so much to offer, but Shillong is surely the best among them. The former capital of undivided Assam is a perfect destination for your break – the pine trees, waterfalls, lakes, mysterious caves and adventure options are sure to make your vacation unforgettable.

How to Reach:

By Rail: Guwahati Railway Station (105 Km for Kodaikanal).

By Air: Shillong Airport.


9. Darjeeling:


Darjeeling and its nearby area is the only place in the country where you can get a view of the majestic Kanchenjunga from your balcony, if not your bed. The beautiful hill city of the state of West Bengal is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in the country. Known for its world famous tea, Darjeeling hills offer a breathtaking view of the sunrise on the snow-clad peaks, beautiful landscape, temples, churches monasteries and of course a memorable journey on the Toy train.

How to Reach:

By Rail: Darjeeling Railway Station (Toy Train from Siliguri).

By Air: Bagdogra Airport (70 Km from Darjeeling).


10. Tawang:


Tawang will not feature in most of the lists because it 0is rather less explored. The city of the yellow-roof-monastery is quickly placing itself on every bucket list, and the reason is simple – it’s unhindered natural setting, beautiful monasteries & gompas and pleasant climate. The city in the state of Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most magnificent hill stations in the country and is full of surprises.

How to Reach:

By Rail: Tezpur Railway Station (300 Km from Tawang).

By Air: Tezpur Airport (300 Km from Tawang).

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