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10 Best Goa Beaches | Goa Beach Images
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10 Best Goa Beaches | Goa Beach Images

Goa Beaches are one of the best summer destinations around the country.

It is the land of thrill, adventure and unmatched joy.

Party capital of India mesmerizes you with its nightlife, casinos and never-ending parties.

But what makes Goa more special in summer is, it’s beaches.

Goa beaches are famous across the country and abroad. Being located in the western part of India, with the Arabian Sea forming its west coast, it has some of the best beaches in the country.

So, here we go, This is our list of Top 10 Beaches In Goa You Should Visit This Summer.

1. Anjuna Beach

Looking for Best Place in Goa for Trance parties?
Well, your search ends here.

Anjuna Beach is famous for its trance parties; soulful psychedelic music walks you through the spiritual ecstasy. Nightclub like Shiva Valley and Curlies are must visit places.

Anjuna is also famous for its flea market (held on every Wednesday) where you can buy some seriously cool stuff. (trance t-shirts are one of them)

It is also an ideal place for full-moon parties held especially during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

With a strong beach party scene and a flowering of new restaurants and bars (bars at Anjuna gets enlighten by some local band performers), Anjuna is the best place for party animals.



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How to reach Anjuna Beach?

Via Air – Nearest airport is Dabolim, 47 km away from Anjuna. Direct flights from major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi are available.

Via Train – Nearest railway station is Karmali just 29 km from Anjuna is the better and cheap option to have.

Via Road – Mumbai-Goa highway (NH 66) is the best option for people coming from Mumbai.


2. Baga Beach

Wish to experience the essence of Goa?

Baga Beach is the place for you, with lots of parties, shacks, water-sports, beach cottage’s and the brilliant authentic food is kinda heaven for party brats.

It is unquestionably the most happening neighbourhood in Goa.

If you like to meet strangers and make new friends, Baga is tailor-made for you.

So get your party wears out and step into Baga world.

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How to reach Baga Beach?

Via Air – Nearest airport is Dabolim, 50 km away from Baga. Direct flights from major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi are available.

Via Train – Nearest railway station is Karmali just 17 km from Anjuna is the better and cheap option to have.

Via Road – Mumbai-Goa highway (NH 66) is the best option for people coming from Mumbai. Once you reach Panjim, Baga beach is just a half hour driveway; there are frequent buses available from Mapusa and Panjim.


3. Querim Beach (Keri Beach)

Querim Beach also known as Keri Beach is secluded, with fewer people visiting this beautiful place, it is a splendid place for people who want to spend some quality time with their loved ones, and the low tide glistens beach with jellyfishes, starfishes and seashells which make it more magnificent.

Goa’s most northern beach has few shacks to dig some beer and chill with your folks.

Querim Beach adds up some Goan culture to your trip with Portuguese style Goan houses, Ajoba temple and Keri fort.

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How to reach Querim Beach?

There is a reason why Querim Beach is a secluded place; located at the northeast point of Goa.

So, there is no option for train or airway. Ones you reached Panjim or Mapusa (approx 30 km from both halts) get a bus (recommended) or local transportation to reach Querim.


4. Ashvem Beach

Ashvem Beach is a breeding spot for the rare turtle species (Olive Ridley Turtles)

When the sun is about to set, the silence of Ashvem Beach with the musical rhythm of waves rolls you out of the city life and stress.

The night-life on Ashvem beach is all about the campfire, acoustic music and booze.

So enjoy it utmost.

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How to reach Ashvem Beach?

For Ashvem Beach get a bus from Panjim (30 km from Ashvem Beach).

But to get around Ashvem, it is highly recommended to hire a bike, as the bus frequency is real bad from Panjim.


5. Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach (Paradise beach) has white sand which stretches over a mile, gives a pleasant scene to your eye.

A simple walk on the coast with the silence of Palolem Beach and vibrant waves drive you through divine thoughts.

One with affection for secrecy (peace) Palolem Beach offers you all.

Palolem beach has many to do activities, partying at Silent Night Disco is one of them. Contrary to Goa’s appearance as loud parties this place retains regional peace.

Palolem has its flavour in Goa’s neighbourhood, with activities like yoga, swim in the blue water and enjoying traditional Indian cuisine.

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How to reach Palolem Beach?

The easiest way to get to Palolem is to take the train to Madgaon or fly to Goa Dabolim Airport (GOI) and pay for a Government approved fixed-price taxi to Palolem. Fixed-price taxis are available from the train station and Goa Dabolim Airport (GOI) at Vasco Da Gama.

6. Colva Beach

Colva Beach is all about adventure activities, With a long spread of the shore, it is an ideal place for all water sports and more.

With many shacks (in fact a lot) where you can hump around with calm music to enjoy your sip of beer, and if you are a party animal visit the same shack at night, it waffles into a great party house.

If you are in Colva between October and May, please don’t miss the Bull Fight, It is one of the fascinating fests of Goa, on the beats of Konkani music.
It’s a hell lot of fun.


How to reach Colva Beach?

Colva beach is the closest beach to Margao at a distance of approximately 7 km. You can take an auto-rickshaw or a taxi to reach the beach.


7. Mandrem Beach

Mandrem a place where one can revel in beautiful sunset and dive into the scenic view of the beach.

Mandrem is the perfect place to deface your worries and indulge yourself into pureness of nature through activities like yoga and meditation.

Mandrem is a perfect hut to take a break from your busy life.


How to reach Mandrem Beach?

Buses go from Pernam a few times every day via Arambol. It’s the last stop of the line.

The nearest airport to Mandrem beach is Dabolim airport (44 km), and the nearest train station is Margao (57 km).


8. Vagator Beach

Vagator, an exquisite combination for party animals and peace admirers.

With many shacks and nightclubs for partying, one can relish the beauty of sunset from Redcliff of Vagator beach.

Vagator gets divided into two minor beaches, one on the right is Big Vagator beach and on the left is Little Vagator beach.

Vagator restaurants and nightclubs host many parties with DJ’s from all around the globe.

Jump into some significant parties and enjoy your Goa trip.

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How to reach Vagator Beach?

Vagator is approximately a one hour drive from Dabolim Airport.

The nearest railway station is at Thivim. Other railway stations are at Margao and Vasco da Gama.


9. Arambol Beach

Arambol has it all for you from Psy-Trance parties, reggae music, yoga and art shows.

Regarded as the best place for paragliding in Goa with all other water sports.

Panoramic view of the beach and blue water makes it a most photographic place for the visitors.


How to reach Arambol Beach?

From Vasco Da Gama train station take private buses or local transport to Panjim, Catch the local bus to Mapusa. From Mapusa bus stand, ask for the bus to Arambol.


10. Cola Beach    

Last but not least!

Cola Beach is the hidden paradise of Goa, and also a difficult to reach the destination.

This hidden beach has serene surroundings, and the beach tents give you a marvellous experience.


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How to reach Cola Beach?

No buses are travelling to this beach, and the only way to get here is by private transport.

This is our list of Goa’s best beaches.

So, keep up your adventures going and let us know your list of Best Beaches in Goa.


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