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Tarkarli: The Hidden Paradise Of Maharashtra.
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Tarkarli: The Hidden Paradise Of Maharashtra.

Hola people!! Planning for an outing with friends? The first destination that pops up is Goa. But aren’t we all tired with our so called forever failed “Goa plan”? Yeah right!! And in this trending “meme era” there are sufficient memes to make us laugh describing the flop Goa plan of every group, like “Goa trip ka plan hota hi hain cancel honeke liye” or “Goa ka plan aaj kal CA exams jesa ho gaya hai – the result is never successful.” The Goa plan always cancels because either one friend doesn’t get permission from the family, one doesn’t have the budget, one has some exam or one doesn’t get those sufficient leaves from office. Well, we have a quick fix to these problems – a little place to sneak in until our Goa plan is fated. This little sneak out place is Tarkarli. You might have heard about it or might have not. So let us just brief you about this small tourist attraction of Malvan in the state of Maharashtra.

No need for a long number of office leaves & high budget. A trip to Tarkarli is easy on pocket requiring just a couple of days to revel in its backwaters and beaches.

Need not worry about unwanted trash-filled & jam-packed beaches. Beaches here are silent and refreshing with clear waters, especially at night where you have a quiet walk on the beach in the moonlight listening to the ocean’s blissful melody. And yeah don’t forget to look at the night sky where you get a sight of a twinkling cluster of stars, all shining brightly.

One of the best parts about this trip to Tarkarli is the Home-Stay, which is better than those expensive hotel rooms where you pay even when all you do is visit outdoor places on your trip. These home stays are quite affordable with good ambience. The hospitality they give you makes you feel home. And the homemade Malvani food…. oh my my my, it’s just so delicious with its spicy masala. Ummmm got your mouth watering right? Get there soon!

So apart from the beautiful beaches and lip-smacking food what do we do at Tarkarli? We scuba dive, my friend! The local divers here facilitate Scuba-Diving at very reasonable price. They sail you near Sindhudurg fort, which is your scuba diving spot. Here, if you’re lucky you might spot dolphins while sailing! The divers guide you with general instructions and prepare you for the dive. You will surely have those butterflies in your tummy making you nervous but well we have to overcome it because “darr ke aage jeet hai.” You might definitely have second thoughts before getting into the water, but the divers don’t let you lose your hope, they motivate you to overcome your fear. And believe us, once you are underwater the feeling is totally different. It’s just magical, you are just amazed by the beauty of underwater flora and fauna. When you reach the seabed it’s totally the most amazing feeling you experience. You might spot a jellyfish and also view how awesomely the sun rays touch the seabed. The divers also photo and video shoot you and your friends so that you capture this wonderful experience. And when you are done with your first scuba diving you got an adventure added to your life.

The next thing awaiting you at Tarkarli is Water Sports. Like everything else, even water sports here are not overrated. You will surely enjoy water sports with your gang. Water sports will include jet skiing, banana boat ride, bumper ride, etc, but the best one is Parasailing with a speed boat. You feel on top of the world while you are up there tied to the parachute and the speedy boat. They even dip you in the sea while parasailing. Again a fantastic adventure to add to your list.

At last like all other trips, even Tarkarli has got you some sight seeing like the Sindhudurg fort, visiting one or two of its local temples, heavenly backwaters of Karli river, its local markets, public parks, etc.

We are sure this trip will definitely purify your soul. It won’t only be experiencing all beautiful locations but also overcoming your fear. And don’t you feel conquering your fear boosts you internally, and when you get back to your routine you are in with your new enthusiasm and that feeling of awesomeness about yourself. Too much of self boosting, right? But it’s good to be self motivated. Not completely but surely to some extent, Tarkali will change your life for better.

So what are you guys waiting for??? Get your gang ready and GET SET GO! Explore this upcoming tourist attraction before it gets overcrowded and just a money minting tool for its locals.



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