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How To Travel When You Are Low On Budget? – The Definitive Guide.
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How To Travel When You Are Low On Budget? – The Definitive Guide.

Traveling for some people is to take a break from their daily routine and get some peculiar action, and for some, it becomes their life.

Travelling often will dig a huge hole in your pocket, no need to say but “Money Does Matter Boss”.

Sweat no more Travelers! we got your back,

Here are some “Ultimate Tips For Your Cheap And Adventures Travelling Plans”.

First on our To Do List.

Travel Off Season.


Traveling Off Season is so sorted, I mean fewer people to worry about, less expensive things, no queue while booking any sort of tickets, and hell cheap shopping.

Also shopping from not so famous marketplace is highly recommended, instead of ending up buying the same thing at a high price, why don’t buy from a different place at a much low price.

Traveling Off Season also perks you with your transport expense, booking tickets 1 month prior to your plan or in offseason will easily save your bucks.

Find Friend With House At Destination (or carry your own tent)


Ask any traveler, what cost most while traveling?Yes, the answer will be Accommodation – the only thing that cost most.

So, it makes complete sense to have candidly person that might have a house or another source at the place where you are up to (you know just to cut down your trip expense).

Other audacious option will definitely be carrying your own shed (Tent) with you.

The tent is a better option for one with a brave heart. Will sound childish but it’s not at all easy to stay in a tent at an outlandish place.

Travel With Lots Of Friends.

Why Not? “More People, More Money, Less Share.”  

Exactly, traveling with lots of friends give extra hands to our travel plan, it also allows us to extend our travel thoughts like you can travel more places if you have that extra money. No need to cut down much on things like food.

And needless to mention FUN you are going to have with your friends.

Look For Public Transports.

Public Transports are a pocket saver for all of us (especially in India), it is the cheapest way to travel from one place to another, a little bit of struggle and you will save a lot.

Public transports are almost half the price of any luxurious transport and no need worry about long queues as in present time it all gets to online tickets or e-tickets.

Have A Planned Trip

“I Know I Know”, “the boring way” you will say, but if you really want to save your valuable paper, get used to it, have a planned trip that sorts lot of things.

By having your trip all planned you control the whole situation, where are you gonna spend money? and how much you gonna spend? All together every penny has a plan to follow.

We hope that our tips will surely save at least a buck from your traveling trip & if we did please share, like and comment below.

Until Then || यात्रा जीवना ||.



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