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6 Interesting Monuments Around The World That Every Traveler Should Visit
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6 Interesting Monuments Around The World That Every Traveler Should Visit

Are you a traveler or aspire to be one and you like quirky historical places? You’ve come to the right place. Whenever we see a monument or an interesting place, aren’t we in the awe of its beauty, its tantalizing aesthetic? Yes, we are. Our ancestors have left some exceptionally beautiful structures for us to see and admire. Places that have a story behind them and a reason worth knowing. And the best part about it is (well in some cases) its silence and historical wealth. Built in different epochs and appreciated mundanely a travel enthusiast must check these places off his/her bucket list. So let’s explore some of these through words.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world, it is spread across 403 acres of land, This 12th-century temple initially served as a Hindu temple dedicated to God Vishnu (one of the Holy Trinity). It was built by the king of Khmer Empire and Its architecture was planned to represent Mount Meru, the mythical Hindu abode of gods. It gradually became the Buddhist temple that it is still, after the spread of Buddhism in southeast Asia. This vast temple complex constitutes of several towers and galleries, the main shrines depicts the respective abodes of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

The Forbidden City, China.

The Forbidden City was the imperial palace of the Chinese empire until its downfall in the early 20th century. It was built as a residence for the emperor and his royal household in the center of the Chinese capital city Beijing. It also served as the ceremonial and political center for the Chinese government for nearly five centuries. The phenomenal architecture of this giant of a palace is incredible in its own way. It exemplifies the traditional Chinese architecture, which means the entire wooden palace was built without using even a single nail, isn’t that amazing! The palace complex now serves as a Museum and is well maintained, it is now the most visited art museum in the world.  

The Great Wall of China.

Guess who had the idea of building a wall to protect the people from external invasions before the American President, the Chinese emperors! The Great Wall of China was built to serve the purpose of protecting the ancient Chinese borders from the nomadic invasive tribes. It was not built in its entirety at any single point of time, several walls were built partially in small sections in different time spans and then joined by the fortified watchtowers cementing them together. The great wall is a popular tourist destination and is visited by many throughout the year.

Meenakshi Temple, Tamil Nadu.

Meenakshi Amman Temple is an ancient Hindu temple located in the center of the temple city of Madurai. The temple’s main shrine is dedicated to the Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. It is famous for various reasons like its ancient Dravidian architecture and the monstrous scale that it is built upon. This large temple consists of many halls and towers, the tallest tower reaching up to the height of 170ft and there is a famous hall which is known as the “Hall of Thousand Pillars”, there literally are some 985 pillars. It is truly a spiritual experience to go around the temple and explore its ancient secrets with joined hands.

The Treasury, Petra.

Al-Khazneh literally means “The Treasury” is a magnificent temple built by the ancient Arab Nabatean kingdom, in the city of Petra. It served as a mausoleum and crypt, the name treasury derived from a local lore that the Arabian bandits hid their treasures in this particular building. The Treasury is chiseled out of a living rock, it has a highly elaborate facade which is influenced by the classical Greek architecture is phenomenal. Its very location at the end of a narrow passage is beautiful in its own way and mesmerizing. This elegant path teaches the viewer an enlightened learning, that every difficult path leads to a beautiful destination.

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.

This enormity of a structure has gone through a very confusingly diverse past. It was once the largest church in the mighty Roman Empire of Constantinople and later converted into an imperial mosque of the Ottoman Empire, it now serves as a museum. Hagia Sophia is considered as a marvel in architecture, it is said to have “changed the history of architecture”. Its Byzantine walls and its famously acclaimed dome, are the best part of its engineering. The planning of this magnificent structure is appreciated by many.

These were some interesting Monuments/places that every traveler should visit.

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