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Let’s Go Hippie: Top 10 Trippy Destinations In India.
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Let’s Go Hippie: Top 10 Trippy Destinations In India.

Western culture has always fascinated us, it has a huge influence on our lifestyle. We feel proud, we call ourselves cool when we follow them. Even Bollywood has been under the great influence of the foreign culture. The best example is the superhit hindi song “Hare Krishna Hare Ram”. Hippi culture was very much the fashion statement in the 60’s. Today in 2018, the culture is still prevalent in India at many places, but the terms used are different. Some call it party destination, some say chilled out place and some define it as relaxing towns.

Here is the list of places which are fast catching up as the youth destination for relaxing:


This place has always been youth favorite. Beaches, Clubbing, Music, Sports, Drinks, Events, it offers everything to relax oneself. You need to loosen up a bit and enjoy the beauty which nature has to offer.


This is a very sacred place, popularly known as the yoga capital of the country. Most of the things are banned here, but it still attracts lot of foreign tourists around the year. Other than purifying oneself, river rafting and rejuvenating oneself, the place has lot more to offer than one sees.


Kasol, the well-kept secret paradise of Himachal is no longer hidden. It is the current favorite destination for the youth. Its breath taking beauty, picturesque landscape, and not so commercialised environment is the perfect place to be.


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Known as heaven for getting trippy, is a home for lot of foreign tourists. The place is situated in the state of Kerela, which is famous for beaches and backwaters. This place is unexplored and surely has much more to offer. Nobody cares as to what you are doing, hence one can stay aloof from rest of the world.


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A small temple town in Karnataka, is known for the deity Shiva called as Mahabaleshwara. The beach town is not that crowded and one can do whatever one wants to. Actually, you don’t have to do anything, Gokarna itself will do the things.


Known as the “The Golden city” it is famous for its rich culture and heritage.  One can actually experience how royals used to live. And when the term ‘royals’ is used, even a kid can guess what it means. The quite Desert, Sand dunes, and no sign of humans at a stretch, will definitely give you a new high. The hippy culture is no secret here, it is even depicted in a couple of Bollywood movies.


The oldest destination for hippies, Varanasi is one of the holiest places where the soul purification and last rituals happen. Also, because of its famous grand aarti at the ghats, the place has become very attractive among foreign tourists and youths. The

Nubra Valley

Situated in Leh, the places looks like a canvas of images, light, colours drawn by a painter. The place stunning beauty looks like a imaginary, it is hard to believe the gift of the nature for real. The quiet unrealistic place is a heaven, one can enjoy their own company. Good company and music is cherry on top thing.


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One more place from the state of Himachal. Snow – capped mountains, beautiful landscape all around certainly attracts lot of travellers but it is the ultimate place for cannabis. The village blooms on hashish, the drug. It is a paradise for people looking for it. But one needs to have a special permission to enter this village.


One of the favorite hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is a perfect place for a quiet getaway. Known as the ‘Gift of Forests’, its green hills attract lot of tourists.

PS:  The writeup is compiled by studying various sources available. The article does not promote any usage of drugs or derogate/defame any places mentioned.



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