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7 Most Creepy and Mysterious Places in India!
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7 Most Creepy and Mysterious Places in India!

India being the land of culture, tradition, spirituality, diversity, historical monuments and many vast things, but do you know it is also the land of mysteries. Even science could never figure out why or how it happens. A place where the hill pulls the car to a place where skeletons swim, lifting a heavy stone with one finger to offering god alcohol, isn’t it crazy and mysterious. While hearing some mystifying tales from my mom to googling out some curiosity I found out these amazing tales and thought to bring in few to you.

1. Nidhivan- A place in Vrindavan

Nidhivan a place in Bankey Bihari’s city, which is famous for the presence of the almighty himself. Nidhivan the name says it all, ‘Nidhi’ means treasure and ‘Van’ means forest. Yes, It is a treasure of Spirituality and Mysteries. Nidhivan being dense with trees, but none of the trees have straight trunk, they are entangled to each other and the grounds are also plain and clean. It is believed that Lord Krishna performs the Raasleela with Radha here and the trees become ‘Gopis’ who also participate in Raasleela.

‘Rang Mahal’ another place in Nidhivan where the priests set bed for Lord Krishna and also keep ‘Paan ka bida’, make-up ornaments, sweets, water every night. After the evening aarti, Nidhivan closes for all people. Priests, Devotees or anyone is not allowed to stay in the premises. It is said that even birds and animals leave the place at evening. Here the belief is, every morning when the Rang Mahal is opened they find the bed in a used condition, Paan eaten or half and also make up ornaments in a used condition.

Locals say that whoever witness the raasleela or stays in Nidhivan during the closed timings either he goes mad or becomes blind, even people have heard losing their lives or not in a state to say anything. A mystery or reality yet not confirmed.

2. Kuldhara, Rajasthan.

A village in Jaisalmer of Rajasthan or the Abandoned village, Cursed village if i have to call by its famous names. Doesn’t it sounds strange that a village is been abandoned from almost 200 years. The mystery goes like this, it was a prosperous village of 350-400 families once. But in the village there was cruel Diwan(Minister) whose diffrent ways of collecting taxes troubled the villagers. Not only cruel but also loose character Salim Singh got his eye stucked on a beautiful girl. He sent his workers to threaten the village chief and bring that girl forcefully. When the villagers protested, the Diwan threatened the people of raising taxes and making their life hell. So the villagers held a meeting and decided to abandoned the village, but before leaving they cursed that no one will be able to settle here ahead.

If locals are to be believed it is said that who ever tried to settle here was chased by a evil spirit or eerie activities.

3. Kongka La Pass, Ladakh.

Being located in the lap of the Himalaya, the Kongka La Pass – a low-ridge pass is a no man’s land in Ladakh. It is actually a disputed area at India-China border. But despite all this it is largely famous for UFO sightings. Yes! you heard right, UFO sightings and also there are rumors about alien’s having an underground base camp. According to many both the countries know about this fact but they choose to keep quiet for some reasons. People who tried to visit the disputed area were turned down from both sides. But in 2006, Google earth created a 1:500 scale of detailed terrain model. The Imagery revealed that the surrounding area has buildings that look like military infiltration. Now who knows if there are real aliens or the Chinese masquerading as aliens.

4. Kondhini, Kerala A.K.A Twin Town

Heard of Twin kids? triplets? you might have heard of quadruplets also. But ever imagined hearing of a twin town? Yes! it exists. A village in Malappuram district of Kerala has this unique and mysterious twin’s story which has gained international spotlights.


Having more than 300 twins though the official figure is 220 twins off 2000 people with two sets of triplets. The average is said to 45 twins per 1000 births, last year there were 15 twins born out of 300 successful deliveries and it is increasing year by year. Breaking all the facts about twins this village has 10% of its population as twins. Leaving the doctors mystified, medical science is yet to find answers for it. Locals say it is happening from last three generations. Reasons are predicted by the researchers that it is something in their diet or water over there which causes the twinning phenomenon. I must say Kerala is breaking many records in India 😛

5. Aleya ‘Ghost’ Lights in West Bengal

‘Aleya’ or ghost lights in the marshes is the mysterious and frightening story to hear. It is said that when you see a light in the marshes of West Bengal and you try to follow it your life might be at risk. According to the locals the lights are ghosts of the fisherman who have lost their lives accidentally in these areas. The light confuses the travelers and they meet the last stop of their lives. Many have reported paranormal activities or falling sick after visiting the place. This phenomenon is not only witnessed in India but overseas also. Scientists say it is caused due to ionization of methane gas found in swamp areas and due to atmospheric lightning. Well if you see any lights like this try to enjoy from a distance or you might drown or get stuck in wetland.

6. Jatinga, Assam

Whenever you visit hill-stations you get to see a suicide point, monkey point, tiger point and some other shitty point but ever heard of ‘Bird suicidal point’ or known as ‘Valley of death for birds’?. Jatinga a small village located in Assam makes this true. Inspite having a pleasing beauty surrounded with scenic mountains but the place is famous for a bizarre reason  ‘the mystery of birds’. During every late monsoon i.e. between September to November a large number of migratory birds and local birds commit suicide in Jatinga which occurs after every sunset between 7 to 9 PM. Locals have a belief that some evil spirit makes them commit suicide.


Theories have been imposed that it happens because of monsoon fog which lowers their visibility and birds get attracted to village lights. While flying down they hit the walls and trees leaving them dead or also some are heavily injured. Scientific reason seems relevant but still many objections were taken that why it happens at the same place or why birds fly at night etc. Researchers, visitors are baffled seeing this phenomenon and studies are going on to find the right reason. Till then it will be a mystery for all of us.

7. Roopkund Lake Or ‘The Skeletons lake’

A lake located at the bottom of a small valleys in the Himalaya’s, in Chamoli district, Uttaranchal is famous among tourists especially trekkers due to its adventurous routes. Being shallow with its greatest depth at approximately 2 metres.

Let us know why it entered in this ‘Mysterious places’ list. It was first discovered during the 19th century and re-discovered in 1942. Remains of almost 300 people were found. Though it is frozen but each year in summer the lake melts and the shallow deep of the lakes becomes visible. It is time when you see hundreds of skeletons lying under it. No one had answers from where it came, who are these people. Stories were told about a King and Princess travelling with their soldiers who met with a sudden hailstorm and lost their lives. But science did found the answers and it is said that the mystery is solved. It is the remains of a Indian tribe people of 9th century who died due to a hailstorm, not only bones but nails, fleshes were also found due to the rigid temperature.


These mysteries don’t end here. There are loads of folded unfolded stories to be brought under our eyes. India is full of such places, wherever you visit, wherever you stay, there might be a story related to it which will leave your mind boggled.

P.S. Visit these places at your own risk :p



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