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12 Must Visit Cities for Every Nature Lover
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12 Must Visit Cities for Every Nature Lover

I have always praised the endless diversity in every aspect of India. Just like its culture, India’s geography also has incredible diversity. The tall standing mountains, huge riverbeds, a long coastline, plateaus, deserts, salt deserts, everything is there in this fantastic country. It is obvious that the job to finalize the 12 best places to enjoy nature is not easy. It took a lot of analysis and eventually, this list of 12 must-visit cities for every nature lover in India was given shape. There are many more naturally beautiful cities which are worth a visit, but these twelve stand out because of their splendid natural setting.


The capital city of Ladakh is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in the country so far its natural beauty is concerned. The dry mountains that surround the town create a magical environment that no nature lover should ever miss. Not only the city but the road that leads to it is also a prize for nature lovers.


It was the favourite holiday destination of the Mughal Badshahs for generations, and the reason is simple – it is very unlikely to find a match to Srinagar’s natural beauty. The magnificent Daal Lake, the beautiful hills which play hide & seek with the clouds and the unobstructed landscape makes it a dream destination for every nature lover.


Manali is undoubtedly one of the most peaceful cities in the country and is situated in a beautiful natural setting. The Beas river which passes through the town is a massive attraction among tourists. The beauty of the mountains can be enjoyed from every corner of the city, and that has always brought the nature lovers here, again and again. The winter in Manali is even better because everything goes under snow then.


Jaisalmer is literally situated in the middle of the desert which is the cruellest side of mother nature. This, however, has never stopped the travellers from coming here and in fact, to get the best of desert life and its ecosystem, the nature lovers have always preferred Jaisalmer as a destination.


If you love the sea, you cannot have a better place to go than Daman, the capital of Daman & Diu. The beaches of Daman are some of the most pristine ones in India, and the dense green of the city makes it one of the most naturally preserved cities in the country. You get the best sunset shots from the beaches.


The entire state of Kerala is naturally beautiful, but the hill city of Munnar is surely at the top of the list. It is true that the most significant element of Munnar’s beauty; the tea plantations are man-made, but the lovely curves of the mountains stacked in layers and clad with sky-touching pines create a magical environment. The first ray of sun on the hills of Munnar creates a heavenly scene.


The city of Coorg is famous for its energizing coffee, and the beauty of the city is above everything. Located amidst the imposing mountains of the Western Ghats, the city always receives a misty suspense. Coorg has a natural beauty that has not yet been intervened with, and this beauty will make you fall in love with it.


While Coorg is a new inclusion in the tourism maps, Ooty is undoubtedly one of the primitives. From the time when the British found this serene hill station, Ooty has been a traveller’s dream. The green landscapes around the city clubbed with a beautiful lake and amazing flora & fauna makes it the ultimate place for a nature lover.


Darjeeling is an Eastern sibling of Ooty but is much more prominent than that. The reason for that is definitely Darjeeling’s proximity with Kanchenjunga. Darjeeling and its surroundings offer a splendid natural setting of the middle Himalayas and Terai. It has always been a major tourist attraction because of its natural beauty; hence it is affectionately titled as the ‘Queen of the Hills.’


Shillong has been explored much less than the rest of the hill towns of the country, and that is a big advantage for a nature lover. There are very few hill stations in the country where monsoon can be enjoyed like all other seasons. The jewel of the Khasi Hills, Shillong offers such natural beauty that no other city or state can.

Port Blair:

If you want to get a close look in the underwater heaven, Port Blair is the ideal place. The entire Andaman & Nicobar islands offer some splendid views of the coral eco-system and Port Blair being its capital is the center of attraction. The opportunity to get real close to the living world under the ocean has always brought nature lovers here.


Otherwise, Jabalpur is a busy city in the center of the country with practically no natural beauty, but there is one thing that is a must watch for every nature lover. The marble rocks where the river Narmada passes through is a gorge made of marble stone. It is not only a remarkable sight but has no match anywhere in the world.


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