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10 Private Island Vacations That Are Surprisingly Affordable
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10 Private Island Vacations That Are Surprisingly Affordable

Ask yourself: What can be the most romantic gateway to spend the weekend? Do you think there is any place better than a Private Island? No noise, no nuisance, it will be only you and your closed ones in the middle of the ocean. Wherever you see, you get an uninterrupted view of the sea.

If you feel that your annual income will drain out over the weekend, you have a misconception. By spending only about $50 per head per night, you can spend the most memorable weekend of your life. Yes! It is not a typo $50 or Rs. 3000 is all it costs to give you the feel of luxury. You cannot deny that it is much smaller than the amount we pay to get a hotel where we get only a narrow view of the ocean – from a corner of the balcony or through the toilet window. Here is a list of 10 amazing private island vacations that are full of luxury and comfort.


Coco Prive: $4100 per night per head.

Located off the shore of Male, Maldives, this is a super luxury villa on a secluded private island. A total of six super luxury villas designed in a way that gives total protection from outsiders can host up to 11 people, and if you can make a group that big, you can book this entire estate for only $4100 per person. The Fabulous Island gives a fantastic view of the ocean, and the package comes with a complimentary spa therapy. You can go fishing, boat riding or swim in the sea or enjoy a movie in the outdoor home theatre and moreover you can dine under crystal clear sky full of stars.


Over Yonder Cay: $2500 per night per head.

Have you ever imagined how much it could cost if you wish to own a golf course, a white sand beach and take the service of a personal chef? Don’t worry; you can count that on fingers. It is only $2500 if you book Over Yonder Cay. The beautiful private island in the heart of the Bahamas on the Caribbean Sea offers a fabulous view of the ocean. The two storied villa has four luxurious bedrooms which can accommodate a group of 8 and that comes with heated swimming pools, spa-inspired bathrooms, a private white sand beach and most importantly – a nine-hole golf course exclusively for you.


Little Peter Oasis: $312 per night per head.

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Now, it’s time to introduce you to the damn cheap private islands. The Little Peter Oasis offers the most astonishing view of the Caribbean mountains. An over the water villa which has two huge bedrooms and two super modern bathrooms is an ideal location to relax and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. The most important part of this private island is its lagoon which is lit with blue lights (It’s a blue lagoon in a real sense) which creates a mesmerizing atmosphere in the night and where otherwise your fun time ends it just gets ignited here. The concierge will take you to scuba, fishing and lobster catching.


Royal Belize: $299 per night per head.

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In the heart of the world heritage marine reserve, Royal Belize offers the most astonishing experience of the Caribbean ocean life. The beautiful sun-soaked beaches of this island offer the best of tropical climate. There are plenty of activities that come with the package, and those include beach games, snorkelling, scuba, kayaks, paddle boats, fishing, zip lining, hiking, cave tubing and most importantly a visit to the ruins of Mayan Empire. You won’t believe, but all these will come in an amazingly cheap rate less than $300 per night, but for that, you have to make a group of eighteen.


Melody Key: $172 per night per head.

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Melody Key is one of the hundreds of islands in the Florida Key which is known for its unaltered scenic beauty. The villa on this island is the largest private island villa in the entire Florida Keys chain. The massive three bedroom villa offers the most modern amenities despite being entirely secluded from the civilization. It is indeed experiencing the beauty of raw nature with all facilities around. The superb view of the ocean, which can be enjoyed from each and every corner of the villa, will get you to forget all the problems and get soaked in the beauty of nature. The island has its own desiltation system and the villa is equipped with the solar energy system. For a group of eight, per night cost per head is less than $200.


East Sister Rock Island: $166 per night per head.

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Though this island is only 3 minutes boat ride from the shores of Florida Keys, it is nothing less in its beauty and grandeur. It gives a totally secluded feeling despite being so close to the mainland. The villa offers an uninterrupted view of the ocean, and the island is full of dense greenery that is sure to get you refreshed from the urban chaos of day to day life. The villa can accommodate eight people, and if you have a group of eight, you can enjoy the luxury of a private island retreat in only about $166 per head.


Little Harvest Caye: $132 per night per head.

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A small 1.5 Acres island in Belize is one of the best you can get. A magnificent villa with huge bedrooms, lavish toilets, infinity pools and spread out decks will give you the taste of royalty. The superb view of the endless ocean can be enjoyed from any part of the villa. You can enjoy scuba, snorkelling, diving, kayak, paddle boat in the calm and peaceful ocean water. You will be mesmerized by the view of the ocean here. A nearby village which you can visit will give you the taste of tribal life there. It can accommodate 14 guests at a time.


Private Heaven: $57 per night per head.

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The villa here expands to the ocean, and from your bedroom, you will feel like sleeping in a yacht. The eco-friendly villa is run entirely by renewable energy, and the owners are committed to reducing its carbon footprint. Isn’t that a logical thing when you are located in the vulnerable islands of such preserved natural beauty of the Caribbean?  The coral reefs are within the kissing distance from the island, and the lovely beach is ideal for enjoying a beautiful sunny day. Six people can stay here at a time.


Malvanua Island: $47 per night per head.

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It costs less than a dinner date to get free access to three spectacular white sand beaches, a snorkelling experience in the coral reef and an unexplored island of 25 acres with a splendid dinner under the stars. Yes, Malvanua Island offers so much for so less. Another benefit of this island is that it can accommodate only four guests which is just perfect for a small family and you don’t have to search for groups to divide the cost. The island is still very much unexplored and nature is present there in its original form. The beaches are superb and there will be nobody to disturb you.


Pink Pearl Island: $41 per night per head.

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Pink Pearl Island, as its name suggest, is nothing less than a jewel in the Nicaraguan coast. This island is a nesting place for turtles, and you can walk with them. The coral reef offers some of the best snorkelling and scuba experiences in the world. The splash white sand beaches are ideal for beach games or just relaxing on the tropical sun to get your muscles relaxed. It is the cheapest option for a private island retreat and the experience here will be worth a thousand dollars. It is simply like resting on the lap of mother nature. The villa which can accommodate twelve people at a time is equipped with all modern amenities.


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