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Stereotypes Breaked: Unsafe Countries That Are Actually Safe To Travel
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Stereotypes Breaked: Unsafe Countries That Are Actually Safe To Travel

Stereotypes or socially-constructed redundant thinking standards plague every aspect of human life. These misconceptions generally arise from a socially accepted idea concerning a certain topic or group. Over the time it gains momentum and tends to be associated with that particular host.

Travel is one such victim. This leisure mode has also been stereotyped by many narcissists. All these stereotypes tend to do is to develop a biased feeling towards the tourist. One such stereotype concerns the safety of the tourist community, especially the females. Many such tourist destinations are considered unsafe for travel by solo or group tourist but actually, there is no such issue. The factor that plays out here is the action of a particular group or an individual that tarnish the image of the entire community and the nation as a whole.

Let’s look at some of the destinations:

The middle-east

The middle-east comprises of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt. These countries have a dominant Islamic belief system. However, this does not render them unsafe. It’s obvious that they entertain restrictive policies regarding the females but this does not render them unsafe.

All the above countries are economically productive nations based on desert landscapes.

This offers unparalleled natural as well as urban beauty to the visitors who are enthralled by the vast expanse of sands and concrete on the same terra firma. The strict laws prevent any mishap against women.


The Caucasus jewel located on the shores of black sea is also on the list.

The country’s location on the crossroads of Europe and Asia is a diverse mix of the representing cultures.

The place is considered unsafe to travel owing to the deeds of airport staff who became extra cautious in such previous incidents.

They sent back a tourist to its native country without any reasons.

This was just a miscommunication and has affected its tourism. The country is absolutely safe and is always ready to receive its tourist with grandeur.



The fashion destination also could not escape the stereotyped clutches. It’s a developed western European country. Theft is considered to be the sole culprit here. Petty thefts gained media attention and were exaggerated. This is a blot on every culture. The country is completely safe. However, traveling alone late at night should always be avoided. This is the only thing that needs to be taken care of. There are such minor in every country thus these shouldn’t be given any undue attention.

The Indo-china (Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia)

The Buddhist countries are also considered unsafe. The first thing that comes to mind is mafia. However, the countries are very safe as there have been no such recorded incidents of a safety breach. These countries are the seat of Buddhist culture and tradition, a tradition that accommodated those who were ousted from their religion.

These countries are some of the victims of stereotypical nature of mankind. We should not let these gain momentum and shatter these stereotypes.



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