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Why Bike Touring Has Become So Popular In India?
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Why Bike Touring Has Become So Popular In India?

Ask any Indian boy or a girl in their twenties they are sure to have a secret fantasy of travelling to Ladakh on a Bike with their partner unless they have already done that. 3-Idiots must have played a crucial role in this but touring on a bike has been there for quite some time. Lately, Bike touring has become extremely popular in the country and it is not only the Indians, the foreigners too, are going for it. Ladakh is definitely not the only place of choice for touring on Bike; the entire country has seen a boost in bike tourists in recent years. There are several reasons behind this.

Because You cannot depend on them

You know how public transport runs here. You can only pray that a 10-o-clock train will depart at 10 and you are almost sure that it will not reach the destination on time. A late train journey at the beginning of your trip can totally jeopardise everything – a plan you have been making for last six months. You cannot depend on the public transport here unless you have a lot of spare time to schedule and reschedule everything.

Because there are still so many Americas

Yes! And there is a Columbus sleeping inside us. India is still very much unexplored and the character of the country is such that even known places keep on changing their colour. If you are inside a car or a bus, or a train you are not going to land on a place not known. Be on a bike because each and every corner of the road in this country has something to offer you.

Because economics is also playing a role

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You wonder how! India did not have a huge stock of Harley Davidson even a decade or two earlier. It is totally after the country opened its market to the world, so many large touring bikes have filled the country.

Because you don’t have to own it

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Any place in the country you go, you can rent a bike for whatever period you wish and they are damn cheap. Simply pack your bags and kick-start your journey. You don’t have to own a bike to cover the entire country on it. Check if the papers are correct and you are all set to move forward.

Because you are alone – or not

When you are alone it’s good, when you are a couple it’s better, but when you are in a group, it’s the best. Of course, make a group of bikers and enjoy the trip together. Even if you start alone you are sure to find a group en-route.

Because cars don’t take you everywhere

Cars are not going to take you everywhere be it a serene beach or a rocky mountain road, the bike can take you everywhere. India having such diverse geography has so many places where you can only reach on two wheels or on two legs. Bikes give you amazing flexibility and accessibility.

Because you are an adventure freak

That surely is the most important reason. More and more people are now trying adventurous things and bike touring is helping the adrenaline rush. The fun of riding on the river bed, the charm of riding on the frozen river or a valley covered with snow, the dream of riding over the sand dunes of a desert, bike tours can bring you the most memorable experiences.



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