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Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life?
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Why You Should Travel Alone At Least Once In Your Life?

Travelling alone can change your life forever and maybe your travel style also. Solo travel offers a plethora of benefits that will make your trip more pleasurable.

It is a preconceived notion that, if you hang out with a lot of people and travel with a bunch of people, you can have a lot of fun and you experience some thrilling moments.

YES, travelling in a group or with family has its own advantages but travelling alone has its own perks. I went on my first solo trip back in 2013 and I never looked back since then.

Here are reasons, why you should travel solo at least once in a lifetime?

Being out of your comfort zone

When you start to travel alone, you may have so many challenges ahead like the language barrier, your safety, “what if I cannot find a good place to stay?” or you may face homesickness. These challenges will push you out of your comfort zone and you will grow smarter and better person.

You will start trusting strangers and be more polite by nature. You will gain self-confidence which can make an everlasting impact in your life.

It is all about being with your own company

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In this busy city life, we are surrounded by so much chaos; so if you travel solo, you are surrounded by yourself only. Your body, mind and soul can hear you well. You will have your own time and pace which will open up new possibilities that you cannot achieve if you are surrounded by so many people. Understanding yourself makes you very happy without worrying about anyone else.

It also gives you chance to reflect on your life, work, career and develops self-awareness.

It makes you wise financially

I know, travelling solo is not economical as compared to group travel. There will be nobody with whom you can share the cost of accommodation, transport etc. But this can lead you towards using local transportation, staying with locals at home-stays and teaches you how to be frugal. It develops skills in money management.

You are never alone when travelling solo

Travelling in a group distracts you from allowing yourself to be social and you are confined to your group members only. But travelling solo may get you so many like-minded travellers who are willing to start casual talk or hang out with you. This may get you friends for lifetime. Such mindful conversations with strangers can change you from being an introvert to an extrovert.

You can do whatever you want

If you want to go for a backpack trip, want to work as a volunteer or want to go for trekking expedition; you are free to go for the activities and places you want to. There are no pre-set time limits or no hurry to return.

The best part of solo travel is that you don’t need anyone’s approval to do whatever you want to do. You can refrain from the drama of group members.

You can be more like a local than a tourist

When you travel in a group, you just hang out or chitchat with them only. This may not give you enough time to have a conversation with locals and observing their culture.

When you travel solo, it helps you to observe everything that surrounds you like the customs and culture of the locals.

You more admire your loved ones more than ever before

When you travel solo, you often miss your loved ones, family and friends. This makes you appreciate them more and you realize how valuable and important they are in your life.

Travelling solo makes you appreciate everything and everyone around you. You start looking at things differently. Most of the people admire the brave souls who travel the world alone.



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